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    Good eye and thanks for the perspective shot. One thing I noticed but maybe it's an optical illusion is the headroom looks increased a bit or the seat sits lower. Good for us taller guys :like:
  2. JL/JLU wrangler length / size

    I think the rake and the taller windshield should help. Based on the window height it seems like taller glass all around and maybe more headroom as a result.
  3. JL/JLU wrangler length / size

    The JK has really good visibility right now. I'd hate to have a harder time seeing over the front end due to increased length and more raked windshield / flatter roofline.
  4. JL/JLU wrangler length / size

    It looks a little longer to me but hard to tell from photos unless a JKU is parked right next to it. I know that 'leaked' hood was longer but obviously doesn't mean the wheelbase necessarily increased. The camo also makes it appear larger than it really is.
  5. Is the JL Wrangler going to be sufficient in a crash?

    The Ram rolled you over from direct side impact or did you turn your wheel? Must have been pretty high speeds. Was your Jeep lifted? I'm wondering how much your side rails played a part (if at all) when the point of impact was probably pretty high.
  6. This truck showed up in Columbia MO 3 weeks ago.

    Thank goodness that's not the JT :) Clearly just a JK conversion and for good measure I ran the plates, it's a 2015 JKU. If only it were that easy finding it in the flesh just parked in someone's driveway.
  7. FCA Announcement Confirms Jeep Pickup Truck (JT)

    I'd be interested in both but it could mean the JT is going to be more of a straight adapted Wrangler than a real truck with a proper sized bed, good towing capacity ETC.
  8. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    That may be technically true but also pretty meaningless for 99% of buyers, save for the comparisons on paper. The truth is you can wheel IFS pretty damn hard before you max out it's capabilities. With the appropriate techniques, line choices, etc. you can not only "get by" with this technology...
  9. New Jeep Wrangler to Lose Weight, Confirmed 1st Half 2017, Jeep Pickup in Early 2018

    With few changes (that we know of), production staying in Toledo, and no HUGE tooling/assembly changes that would be required with an all aluminum body hope the late Fall 2017 stays true.
  10. New Jeep Wrangler to include gasoline, diesel, mild hybrid, full hybrid

    Was hoping the diesel would be available at launch with the first model year. Any idea why they're waiting until 2020 to bring it considering this diesel engine is already being used in the U.S.?