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  1. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    Anywhere outside the “Golden Hour” qualifies as a wilderness activity. The term “golden hour” refers to the amount of time it would hypothetically take from mechanism of injury to laying on an operating table in an appropriate trauma center (whichever level required). In “Wilderness Medical...
  2. Will the US 2019 Rubicon get Selec-trac, like the EU version?

    Also: The Rubicon X (2014) and Rubicon Hard Rock (2015 & 2016) special editions. 70th (2011) Anniversary and 75th (2016) Anniversary special edition Saharas.
  3. Official 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Order Guide (4-Door JLU - U.S.). Order bank is open!

    Katzkins are only available as a cloth seat upgrade. It’s either Katzkins or leather package. Katzkins upgrade does not include the leather door trim, rear seat fold down cup holders, rear seat back gap cover, and leather wrapped shifters and handles. There is a dedicated Katzkin thread we’re...
  4. Hard top wind noise

    This might sound stupid but for those who have wind noise issues you might want to try a trick my old man taught me. Take a spray bottle with a heavy concentration or car wash soap to water. Spray the seals really well on an especially windy day and hop on the freeway with someone else in the...
  5. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    All part of FCA’s plan to sell you the 5” LED lights and mount which will cover the darker shade of gray! They know what they’re doing! Haha
  6. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    @Jeep noob I just screen shot this from another thread. Apparently Katzkin is now a sponsor on the forum and answered our question. The Katzkin is a cloth interior upgrade option and will not include the other factory leather upgrades.
  7. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    This is the original pic from this thread: At least on this one it doesn't look like the door upgrade or leather wrapped brake/shifter are included unfortunately. I would like to order the factory leather to get these upgrades then do the Katzkin a few years down the road but I cannot get...
  8. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Where did this advertisement appear? I’ve been on both MOPAR and Katzkin websites and can’t find any additional info?
  9. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    You posted while I was typing. Haha. I have the same question as you. I’ve asked in other threads but I’m not sure anyone knows yet.
  10. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Leather is not stand alone on the JL. Factory leather includes upgraded interior on the doors, a fold down arm rest with cup holders in the rear seat, and a rear seat gap cover. These are the options I believe @Jeep noob was referring to.
  11. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Here’s the Katzkin prices from MOPAR. There seems to be two price points and an uninstalled and installed option so four prices total. I am curious if you can replace factory leather with Katzkin or does it have to be cloth? I want the upgraded doors, rear fold down armrest, and the rear seat...
  12. How to take advantage of ESS effectively.

    Is it legal to roll coal? Does it solely depend on if your city/county/state does emissions testing? I often wonder why the coal rollers aren’t pulled over and ticketed.
  13. How to take advantage of ESS effectively.

    You’re exactly correct! I actually got to tour a facility in Columbus, Ohio were the ice samples are stored for research. Thinking about water which hasn’t been in liquid for thousands of years is really mind blowing. Scientists also have the ability to analyze rock samples for a bigger view of...
  14. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    When you ordered did you have the option of having a logo stitched on? I’ve seen pics of a Jeep grill and headlights. Also, do you know if Katzkin has leather replacement options for the leather seats as well? I want the upgraded doors, rear seat covers, and fold down armrest so I was thinking...
  15. Track bar sheared off at the weld. I feel like I’m cursed with my new JL

    Agreed. Jeep owners are a community and communities hardly ever unanimously agree on things. However, communities, like families, always have each other’s back. I always keep an eye out for a broken down Jeep on the side of the road and would do anything possible to help out a fellow Jeeper. In...
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    For those waiting for your JLs to be delivered by rail, it might be worth waiting for. This happened this morning in central Ohio. FCA is shipping them out so fast they're no longer strapping them down. Haha
  17. front license plate holder

    Could’ve sworn you were an Auburn guy! Just Kidding. Best of luck this year. No team should be crowned National Champion unless they go thru Bama in my opinion. If you wanna be the best you have to play the best.
  18. Hard top wind noise

    Go back through this thread and get a bunch of information to give them. FCA has issued some service notices dealers are not aware of. Also, message @JeepCares with your phone #, VIN, service dealership, and date/time of your appointment. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’ve read, dealerships...
  19. How to take advantage of ESS effectively.

    Thank you, it really was driving me crazy. That’s cool! I checked state flags but didn’t even think about city flag. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know what my city flag looks like. We have a minor league baseball team here and I know they fly city, county, state, and USA flags there so next time...