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  1. Jeep information overload

    For a daily driver and not ruin it for road trips 35's are the best choice. Tazer for the calibration if you care about all the extra features or for a hundred cheaper superchips flashcal does a lot of things also. If all you want is a 2.5 inch lift Mopar is a good choice. You might want to...
  2. Jeep information overload

    Yes they will and it will not be covered. They lie. And you will have problems either big or small.

    If you have an issue with your aux battery ( a fragile weak POS that fails if it is overtaxed by accessory loads with the car off) no amount of trickle charging will bring it back. If your main battery is dead than a normal jump might work. If you have a charged main battery and a faulty aux...
  4. Hood Vents - JLU/JL Rubicon functional or only decorative?

    Being decorative has function. I reject the premise of your question.
  5. Help with rear license plate relocation NOT to spare tire

    LOD destroyer bumpers offer a license plate kit. Might be able to use it on other aftermarket bumpers if they are flat. I like the built in hitch tucked up over the stock ones.
  6. Rubicon Trade plus cash Rubicon wheels with 35” k02

    This is a killer deal. Out of curiosity what vehicle are you trading it in for? If you would rather not say we understand.
  7. Improved my bike security on road trips...

    Way ahead of you. I installed custom keyed security bolts in the seatpost, seat, front wheel, fork, drivetrain, and brakes. I also did the Tazer hack to record live surveilance video from the backup camera to a cloud based service hosted by ADT.
  8. Insulate/Sound Proof hardtop with spray insulation?

    The only way to find out is with a scientific experiment. I got ninth place in the third grade science fair so hear me out... Take off the freedom tops, dump the contents from a ice machine inside the jeep to fill it up completely, install the tops and start a timer. When all the ice is gone...
  9. Improved my bike security on road trips...

    After getting home from a weekend bike/jeep excursion I spent some time thinking about a better way to secure my other pride and joy (2017 Niner RKT 9 RDO) to the back of the jeep so I could enjoy a burger or go into a grocery store without worrying too much about getting it ripped off. While...
  10. Insulate/Sound Proof hardtop with spray insulation?

    I would think covering the roof and rear windows with paper mache from Offroading magazines would be a better option. Maybe from the outside. Don't want to void that warranty!
  11. Sleeping inside Jeep?????

    I slept one night in the back during a road trip when a hotel wasn't an option. At 6'1 I had to sleep at an angle and it wasn't comfortable at all. My feet were up against the tail gate and the seat doesn't fold exactly flat. I had a four inch thick thermarest pad. A decent tent is a much...
  12. Omg help messed up my door hinge torx bolt

    I really hope OP stopped reading after page 1. This is hilarious!
  13. Hubcentric aftermarket wheels?

    My method 321 are not advertised as hub centric but they have a recess that fits perfectly over the center hub "bump".
  14. Has anyone painted the MC gold zinc?

    Its just a plating process. All you need to do is scuff it with scotch brite, clean with acetone, and paint. A good primer might help with adhesion.
  15. LiteBrite Installs Motobilt Jeep JL Spare Tire Carrier

    I like this design but since I will be rotating my spare the camera/ tailight is a deal breaker for me. If I could unplug it without taking apart my jeeps interior and fishing wires every 5000 miles I would go for it. Is there a aftermarket solution for putting a QD plug for the camera?
  16. Omg help messed up my door hinge torx bolt

    The only thing with those extractors is having the exact proper drill size, and not going too deep or the head will pop off. Too shallow and it will slip. If the head of the bolt breaks off you can try a smaller extractor to get the bolt off, but again, the chance of screwing it up goes up from...
  17. Best speed for MPGs

    Oh you were making a unfunny joke. Sorry I missed that.
  18. Do I need a "Dead Pedal"?

    I installed the MORE pedal. Not a fan. It is too small, too high off the floor. There is a big gap between pedal and side of car. Not comfortable at all. I fabricated a piece of aluminum and attached to the pedal to provide a larger surface. I find myself not using it as much as using it. I...
  19. JLUR Won't Start

    If your main batt is charged past 12 volts, it is likely a discharged aux battery or a problem with smart charging IBS sensor. A fault here will prevent a start from occurring. You can try jumping to terminal N1 in fuse box ( pos jumper on N1 neg to ground) Likely there might be an issue with...