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  1. JL Lean

    The toe angle is good just got it worked out from initial issue at delivery and air pressure is fine all the way around. Nothing after market yet.
  2. JL Lean

    No they don’t. I’ve had a CJ, YJ, TJ, JK and a JKU. Never seen the lean, only heard of it. No my first time in a Jeep. Imagine that.
  3. JL Lean

    My main concern isn’t the lean... i am wondering if what I am seeing/measuring is what is causing the wandering to the right.
  4. JL Lean

    Ever walk into a room and you can tell something is off but you can’t put your finger on it? I was building a door rack and kept looking at the Jeep and something was just off...
  5. JL Lean

    The irony:facepalm:
  6. JL Lean

    Yes? Is your question why would I care because it is so little or it is how did I notice it because it is only 1/4”? The answer to both is I am ODC as fu.... Doesn’t change the fact that it should be level.
  7. JL Lean

    I’ve had my Rubicon for a little over two months now and today I noticed a lean to the passenger side of the Jeep. I measured and from the ground the to fender the driver’s side is about 1/4” higher than the passenger side. I have heard of the JK lean, but had two and never experienced it...
  8. DIY Hardtop and Door Holders

    Thanks for the DIY, I finally had time to make mine today. Newborns man... they take it out of you.
  9. [Pics included] Paint issue

    So, quick update. While it isn’t fixed yet and the dealer was pretty clueless to what the steps were to get this taken care of... they told me they have ordered a completely new top that should be in next week. Supposedly it doesn’t come with the glass, so they have to swap that from the old top...
  10. Track bar sheared off at the weld. I feel like I’m cursed with my new JL

    That great they took care of you! Would you mind sending pics of the welds this go round?
  11. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Some does everyone else that has been saying they have issues unless I missed something. But that is my point.
  12. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Yeah, I think for some reason everything is just I think it is their site, or something else is funky. It shows the JL as having 1 recall. If you click into it... the recall is for the JK.
  13. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Awesome. Should be noted that these complaints have been filed under the JL not the JLU, not sure how big of deal that is.
  14. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    My concern would be that you don’t know when it unlocks. That extra effort could screw you if steering suddenly goes back to normal.
  15. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    I would suggest 2 things for anyone and everyone that has the issue: 1 (most important) file a complaint with the NHTSA. 2. Post it on their social media. That means facebook and twitter. We need to make a fuss on social media about serious...
  16. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    So based on what I can come up with and what others have posted (especially the snippet that @Jeepsterfreak added from the manual) I have a theory on this issue. Let me know what you all think. I think it is a flaw in the power steering and the module that controls it. I think that the PS is...
  17. CarPlay problems

    So I slightly remembered the settings wrong, or can’t find it again. The only option I found was related to whether or not USB devices will automatically play when connected. That setting is under Settings > Audio > Auto Play. If I happen to figure out what I was talking about previously I’ll...
  18. Recall U43 - Transmission Park Rod

    Recalls by VIN:
  19. CarPlay problems

    Not sure if it will help you, but there are settings in UConnect that relate to what it should do when you first start the system up.
  20. CarPlay problems

    That’s ridiculous. I definitely wouldn’t be giving them a good score on their survey. I haven’t been to the dealer for the Jeep yet, but I bought from Faricy Boys in the Springs. If you don’t want to post who your dealer is I get that, but would you mind PMing me it? I don’t live near the...