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  1. Mopar Calibration for 35s (was I ripped off?)

    There is an upside, if I read the original post correctly. They added lifetime updates to his tire size etc. so every time he changes tires or gears or needs TPMS values changed that is free. And he doesn’t need to uarry and then remarry his Tazer (I have the Tazer and love it) but it is a...
  2. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    Definitely my color matched roof (on the inside) black on outside lol. With black inserts and sound deadening/insulation.
  3. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    I installed the the badlands Apex in mine, I actually had to trim and paint the opening of the bumper for the top of the winch, looking back on it, I should’ve done the remote controller mount and put the cover on the bumper for a more sleek look and no trimming involved. The Apex comes with...
  4. What is the fastest speed you have driven your JL/JLU?

    I’ve hit mid 90s on these 38s wasn’t horrible at all, but definitely not like driving a sports car in the 90s
  5. Roam sidestep Rust

    The area where the cut out for the step meats the step is where you see the rust start first atleast for me it was with the latest version of the frame mounted ones.
  6. Max Terrain Fender Flare Set, F & R; 18-20 JL/JLU

    Are they designed to not hold all the mud the way my stock JLUR flares do? It takes me weeks of hosing them out from a quick trip off road.
  7. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    How mich bump stop do you think you’d need to add to prevent rubbing while in your upward flex? I am running 38x13.5 pats with 4.5” back space on 9” wide rims. It wheels great right now, but they installed all 4 inches of bump stops when they installed the MC 3.5” 6 pack game changer...
  8. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    Thank you for taking those pictures for us, mine showed up damaged in shipping. So waiting for replacement. Then I can change out my plastic bumper for this a winch and metal cloak rear full bumper. I’m not rubbing at all currently with the plastic bumpers, but I have 4 bump stop spacers i. The...
  9. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper as alternative to AEV and others?

    I’m wondering rub locations also. I am running 38x13.5s with 4.5” back space on 17x9” rims. And also 3.5” MC game changer suspension. I know this bumper has to have more clearance then my plastic stock bumper.
  10. Roam sidestep Rust

    Enhanced rust resistant frame mounted MK3 here also. Mine looked the same before they ever seen any salt.
  11. Roam sidestep Rust

    Mine are MK3 and mine are not as rusted out all over as some have, but definitely started rusting along the hard edges where the steps are welded to the actual slider body.
  12. Roam sidestep Rust

    I hear you. I seen the design and was almost identical to the ones I created for my old Mitsubishi. And they functioned great, looked great and I couldn’t wait to put them on, I actually bought them before my Jeep ever arrived and was the first mod. It will also be the first mod I ever had to...
  13. Roam sidestep Rust

    Mine never made it to the winter salt, 2.5 months and they were rusting, salt didn’t speed it up, my friend that powder coats says partly a design flaw, sharp corners and untreated metal causes the powder coat to peal back on those edges and why the main skid that has smaller bends not right...
  14. Canada - Quebec Looking for Rubicon take off wheels and or tires

    Not sure how far in advance you’re looking, but I’m just south of the border so when it opens up again I should have a set of Rubicon wheels and Tires with TPMSs soon. Expected arrival of my lift and tires is 4/29 to 5/2. Then it is just a matter of getting it all installed between home...
  15. Roam sidestep Rust

    I have the newer ones with the upgraded E coating. And I installed them in August, by October before the first bit of salt hit the roads they had rust beginning on the edges.
  16. Giveaway of the Month - April 2020 - Combination Full Width Rear Bumper and SportGate Tire Carrier

    These would be perfect replacement for that plastic trash protection on the back. Have metal cloak skids and belly already, just need bumpers and game changer lift next. This would go a long way to make the other mods affordable quicker.
  17. Roam sidestep Rust

    Their stuff seems to be like soap sculptures, absolutely beautiful pieces of art, until they get wet.
  18. Roam sidestep Rust

    I bought the latest (and greatest?!?) version they had in July. Put them on in August. By mid October (not even 3 months later) and no salt, they were starting to rust. It would be cheaper to have had an option for them to ship bare and I have them treated and coated then to now try to blast...
  19. New driveshaft for 6 speed?

    Do you happen to have the part # for the Adams Driveshaft? I know MC offers a driveshaft as an option with the GC but I’m not sure if that one is for autos only or is interchangeable with manual transmissions. Or if Manila’s use a different length etc. seems Adams is pretty highly regarded in...
  20. New driveshaft for 6 speed?

    Ok another noob question, on my mitsu, when I lifted it, I adjusted the bump stops a bit and added limiting straps. So far I swapped out the stock bump stops with MC durospring stops. I am assuming you guys have dialed in additional stops and straps? What did you guys use? As I said being both...