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  1. F34 fuse = loss of power steering, among other things

    It's been about 4 months since the OP, here's a relevant update: Since replacing that F34 fuse, there have been no repeats... until now! Yesterday, same exact symptoms reappeared out of nowhere: first the ESC goes out, then the Swaybar control, both with dash lights and warnings, one right on...
  2. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Nice. Would you make me one? 👀 (Seriously.)
  3. F34 fuse = loss of power steering, among other things

    Just back from a desert trip and had a little issue to share. First day driving was just slow, rough roads, nothing crazy. Pulled into campsite in 2WD, with everything working normally. While getting the Jeep into position, the instrument panel starts to light up: ESC, swaybar, and power...
  4. LED headlamp in snow: has anyone wished or tried to switch to Halogen Headlamps?

    Cool, glad you found something that works for you. I'd like to see a heated LED that works well in severe winter conditions. Until then, I'll always run a hot lens up front somewhere. 🔥❄💧
  5. LED headlamp in snow: has anyone wished or tried to switch to Halogen Headlamps?

    Nope, they are flat-faced halogens, to further deter snow and ice accumulation. I'm sure a recessed LED design catches more snow, but I'm also sure having a little heat makes a difference. Just my .02
  6. What Tailgate Table do you run?

    DIY version, I like the lumber look and functionality. Treated with boiled linseed oil.
  7. 2022 Color Wish List

    Bring back steel blue and lose the red dash and red accents on the Rubi's. Please. :) My old '08 JKUR in steel blue:
  8. LED headlamp in snow: has anyone wished or tried to switch to Halogen Headlamps?

    I knew I should have taken a photo yesterday! :facepalm: I've got the LED group, but I installed some 6" amber lights on the bull bar that are halogen, specifically for winter weather and the heat they produce. Yesterday I was driving off the mountain in another blizzard and stopped to clear...
  9. JLUR stock suspension, stock wheels, will 35’s fit without rubbing at full flex?

    Yes, it will. I went through the same searching awhile back. Being able to FIT a 35 is one thing, but being able to stuff them off-road without any modification is another thing entirely. The stock 33's barely fit when off road, sway bar disconnected, and truly stuffed (not just "quite a bit...
  10. Shop for Customer Supplied Lift Kit Install - East WA or NE OR?

    Fuller Automotive in La Grande: he's a Jeep guy and does great work. (PS: hey toby!)
  11. ActionTrax good alternative or not?

    I carry mine inside, to protect them from theft and unnecessary exposure to the weather, UV, etc. I made a basic wooden shelf across the back, behind the back seat, using the hardtop bolt locations. This provides a convenient platform for all kinds of things, but the actiontrax ride there...
  12. 2021 3.6 eTorque - No Aux Battery?

    I'm trying to nail this down too. Thanks for simplifying, but I'm in brain fog this morning... So, let me get this straight... YES etorque = NO small aux battery NO etorque = YES small aux battery Or, to put it even simpler: "Unless you have eTorque, you have a small auxiliary battery."...
  13. On-board air option from Extreme Outback Products?

    I've got two of them on different work trucks; ordered them both as portable (in their own steel box, with alligator clip leads) but ended up converting one to on-board full time. They are well built and hold up to a lot of vibrations on rough roads. Seem to air up tires fast enough. My only...
  14. ActionTrax good alternative or not?

    After watching a lot of videos, I ordered a set of ActionTrax, which should be arriving today. I like their design, durability, and that they are US made. I have a feeling I will be wondering what took me so long to pony up for some good traction boards. There have been so many situations over...
  15. My first reactions from 4xe Wrangler test drive!

    Thanks for sharing! If I understand what I'm reading, there is no "quick charger" capability for the 4xe? Takes 12 hours to charge from plugging it in at home, with no option like with my friend's Tesla model S to plug in at a terminal and be recharged in under an hour? If that's the case...
  16. Rubicon snow/winter traction help needed

    This is the result of a large, floatation tire on a relatively light vehicle, resulting in the tire contact patch/surface area distributing the vehicle weight over a larger area. I'd suggest going to a smaller tire size or OEM size, in a good all-terrain that has the "3 peak mountain snowflake"...
  17. Recovery Kit - What’s recommended?

    It will come down to how much $$$ you want to spend. IMO, "economize elsewhere", because so much can be riding on it. Also remember that if you use your recovery gear one time it pays for itself. Buy the best quality you can. I like ARB and Factor55, but there are a lot of options worth looking...
  18. Let's talk coffee, what is your set up?

    Melitta No. 2 cone! Makes a superb cup of coffee. Filters readily available. Super quick and easy, doesn't need water to clean up afterward (handy on desert trips), and doesn't require any special gadgets or anything- just boil water and you are good to go.