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  1. 33's on a Sport S

    IMO this is the sweet spot for a daily driver that will see some moderate to moderate+ forays half a dozen to dozen times a year,but spends most of its time on pavement in reality. Not too big to be taxing on the pavement,and not too small to struggle overcoming some obstacles. It's still a very...
  2. The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020

    You had the wrong Honda then....a Civic Type R is not boring or will lull you to sleep...just the opposite in fact. A great camping car??? Huh??? Anyways...Wranglers n Grand Cherokees usually have average to slightly above reliability scores. What brings down Jeep as a whole is the other...
  3. The Jeep Wrangler is One of the Most Unreliable Cars of 2020

    FYI...there is a Honda currently out there that equals and actually bests wranglers resale value in most areas and circumstances.
  4. Jeep driver survives after plunging off top of six-story parking garage!

    I see at least 2 cameras in the Google Street view in the pics shown above. One on top of the parking garage,and one on the light at the intersection. I'm sure law enforcement has viewed them. I'm sure everyone wants to see it.
  5. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    I don't know how you gave up a nice LJR like that up. No way I could've let that go. They are worth good money. Hope you at least got a good price selling it.
  6. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    An older gen stock jeep to a responsible kid sure. But not one that's heavily modified and lifted Imo. My wife's first vehicle at 16 was a CJ-5.
  7. LJ forums - What are the good ones?

    This gets a good flow with a lot of knowledgable folks. It's a TJ forum btw... Nice LJ...
  8. New Rubicon!!

    Nice 2 door,n with the MTs(bonus to me)
  9. New 2dr Willys Edition

    Nice...always liked my 2014 JK Willy's. But I wish they put 3.73s in em like they did in the JK versions. I didn't like the 3.45s with the manual. Auto seems ok tho.
  10. Does my sport look lifted.

    No...but it needs at least a leveling kit/small spacer lift imho.
  11. Anyone considering trading their JL for a JT Gladiator?

    Gone are the days of real trucks of what I there just a large car cab with a bed attached to it...fugly imo. But I get it and know why. My 1st vehicle in the early 90s was a single cab bench seat S-10 with a stick on the floor. I remember many times having 4 of us in the cab...
  12. KM3 or Mastercraft MXT PICS??

    33" Km3s on my TJ(sorry not a jl,but a nice close up of em). Love em.
  13. Spotted 6 door Wrangler JL

    "additional" door? Go back to school and learn how to count to ten. 4 too many doors :puke:
  14. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong..but. I believe Tesla is the only one making the batteries,and they would have to source them from them. My company regrinds/reshapes the rolls for there battery factory in Reno. (In fact there's a set here now being reground) It's energy for the plant is powered...
  15. Considering Gladiator. Share your trade in value on JL.

    Heres some real world numbers...paid 31,1xx for a 2018 jlu sport...drove it for 13 months putting 24k miles of beat down on it. I got 28k even trading it in with 4k in positive equity for a.....wait for it.... An 03 TJ that has lowish miles with a frame/underneath/body as clean and or cleaner...
  16. Anyone Else Having This Issue (Driving It Too Much)

    I'm at 22,6xx miles my 1st year of owning. No way could I do a lease. Ain't my 1st or 2nd etc Jeep either. I don't wanna drive anything else even if it's for 2 miles down the road,to work,running errands in town etc... everything else is boring
  17. 2018 Wrangler Caught Fire!!

    Damn that sux....I woulda bought a lottery ticket that day. I think your odds of winning were better than that happening. Sorry bout your luck. Hope this doesn't make you hesitate to get right back into a Jeep.
  18. What was your previous daily driver?

    2014 JK WW...had a lot of good times with her
  19. Offroad with my Sport (River Rally Off Road park, Chicagoland)

    If you'll never do anything gnarlier than that, then just get better tires n call it a day.
  20. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    Pics don't even come close to doing that area justice. Btw.. there's plenty of other gorgeous places to wheel in Co away from the crowds if it bothers you...n stay away from summer wknds n holidays.