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  1. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    The tax credit is only for the original buyer. That’s $7,500 of incentive gone. Buying new at sticker would be the logical way to go vs buying used unless the used is adjusted for the tax credit going away. All of the reviews online seem positive on the performance and resale will be determined...
  2. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    Did a test drive and it was great but after 20 something miles it’s a Jeep with a heavy battery A used 4xe isn’t bringing a premium without the tax credit I’m glad you like yours but I’m addressing the resale value not the burst of performance you get for a short trip each day. It’s a way for...
  3. Soft top or hard top?

    I’m hoping Bestop comes out with the glass rear window soft top like they had for the JK but not seeing it yet on the website unless it was discontinued. I’d get tan with the sarge green. MOPAR has the premium tan on their parts website now and a small discount from my local dealer when ordered...
  4. 2022 392 Stripper?

    Afra Afraid you may be right on, with turbo and supercharger technology getting so good a V6 will be the standard (see Ford) and even the 4 Cylinder with the correct setup can be made scary fast and handle better with less weight and better mileage (happy Stellantis execs) Just can’t get that...
  5. Foolish salesperson

    Read my mind, “ I’m not buying unless I get 10% below invoice, the holdback, advertising allowance and free gas for life” 😂 , oh by the way, would you please spend half a day with me test driving and doing paperwork so I can make $200. A good sales person will know their product but tell you to...
  6. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    Guessing Jeep wouldn’t want a used 4xe unless they steal it. Without a tax credit it’s more of a novelty with the short E range. I had a Ford C-Max plug in for a company car and after 20 some miles it was just a gas Cmax carrying a heavy battery around.
  7. Would you get the the rock-trac t-case for your rubicon if you could do it all over again?

    Am I missing something? My 21’ Rubicon has 4:1 Roc-Trac HD Full Time 4WD System but you have to manually put it in the full time position , nothing “auto” about it. It transfers traction between front and rear as needed once you’re in full time. Is that the Auto part? I know I was dreading...
  8. Snow and ice performance

    Rock-trac. Hated to sell it but the 2 door was a pain with the grandkids
  9. Snow and ice performance

    Great trip to Lake Tahoe with the 2dr 10th Anniversary for Thanksgiving, 2019, lots of snow, early/late ice and the Goodyear Kevlar did well. Had cables but never needed
  10. Snow and ice performance

    Tires are a huge factor with ice. We had a Subaru Impreza on an Easter trip to Lake Arrowhead , had a freak snow storm and the Subaru never missed a beat, even at sunset with icy roads. We passed a few part time 4x’s having issues with the ice.
  11. Anyone have a Rubicon Extreme Recon yet?

    In a socialist country you could only afford a 2 door sport without AC unless you worked for the government or retired and moved there from the U.S.
  12. ARB Hydraulic LIFT and mounting question

    Would the Pro Eagle 1.5 ton floor jack with oversized wheels work? Has solid “skid plate” bottom and 18” extension. 38 pounds and 1’ 9” of lift. They make an aluminum rack for storing. I have one coming next week, We tow a [email protected] clamshell trailer and it Should come in handy for the Jeep or...
  13. Willys vs Rubicon vs 4 runner

    I had the same in a 14’, could never get a small vibration out of it on the freeway. Balanced, changed tires and no help from Toyota. Quite a few squeaks too
  14. Replacing 2020 Rubicon Part Time w/ 4:1 ROCK-TRAC HD FULL TIME 4WD SYS

    Have it on our 21’ JLUR. Works seamlessly and the dash fuel mileage gauge doesn’t change much (.5-1 mpg)when shifting out of and in to full time.
  15. Please Explain... Mopar Swing Gate Reinforcement

    It’s all about the badge 😂, mine just had it so the option was a bonus. Definitely beefy from the door hinge over.
  16. How to handle Jeep Dealership Experience Survey

    One of the worst jobs I ever had is being a Director of Service for an RV dealership. 99.99% of the time the customers that you tried the hardest to please gave you the toughest surveys. This feels eerily similar. Amazing deal and “I’ll bring it to you” but you want to hammer them because you...
  17. Jeep caught in heavy rains..

    They said there was no math in this forum 🤯 For the Jeep you might put a couple of the throw away moisture pods in when it’s sitting. They’ll suck up any stray moisture.