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  1. ABS and Parking Brake lights

    I just updated my Tazer mini on Friday. I am also getting the brake and abs light. My brake pedal went to the floor when it happened. I guess I will try disabling the brake lock before going back to the older version of Tazer. I hope it works.
  2. 999999 Odometer

    My jeep is currently in the shop for this 999,999 odometer thing. it has been in the shop several times for this and nothing.
  3. Remote Start Disabled?

    I took it to the dealer and they said it was a code that caused it. I haven't tried again as I don't want to be disappointed again. 🙃
  4. Remote Start Disabled?

    I am having the same issue
  5. 999,999

    Actually, the dash no longer says anything when I get to the start/stop section now. It was saying that it is not ready because the battery is charging. I didn't even realize that it was actually supposed to be working all this time as I just figured out that there is a button to push to turn it...
  6. 999,999

    I just bought the jeep 2 weeks ago. My start/stop doesn't appear to be hooked up but my dash says the battery is charging?
  7. 999,999

    So my odometer read 999,999 at start up today on my recently purchased 2018 JLU. It switched back to normal a few minutes later. Should I be concerned?