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  1. DRL Puzzle…

    Than Thank you.
  2. DRL Puzzle…

    I just cut the wire leading to the fuse tap and connecting it straight to the battery and it lit up. I'm tapping into the 96 fuse (power mirror SW) and I'm wondering, could it have anything to do with my having the roof and doors off? Maybe it cuts that circuit if the doors are removed...
  3. DRL Puzzle…

    I have a 2018 JLU Sport S that came without the daytime running lights but I added aftermarket DRLs in the fenders, which worked for a while and then stopped. I’ve also replaced the headlights with ones that have a DRL halo, these also worked for a while and then stopped. Wiring is good, fuse...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I think so. Especially if you have the base system and just want better sound without the hassle and expense of adding an amplifier. Though I do plan to add one in the future. For sure, they’re not cheap but they are top quality and fit perfect. The biggest draw for me, outside of looks and...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    seems like it would be a pain but it wasn’t too bad. Just take off the panels either side and loosen the connecting ones, then remove the panel holding the done light to access the four bolts to remove the soundbar. Takes about 15 minutes. Search for these speakers on YouTube and there’s a...
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Replaced the soundbar speakers with the Alpine SPV 65 JLTs. I have the base audio system and these have made a big difference. Only a little louder but richer and more engulfing.
  7. Replacing rear glass???

    I cancelled my Safelite appointment after 10 days of waiting and dealing with 3rd party idiots who were as rude as they were dumb. So, I have my insurance running it through the dealership instead and having it installed tomorrow. My advice, get your insurance to run it through a dealership...
  8. Speaker wires in soundbar

    Speaker wires inside the JLU soundbar. Just found the speaker wire for one of the speakers got cut deep inside the soundbar. Is it possible to dismantle the soundbar and get to the speaker wiring so I can solder them back together?
  9. Replacing rear glass???

    Thank you. I've used my insurance to replace the glass but insisted on OEM glass, which I believe will come with everything pre-installed on it (wiper motor/sensors etc.) so it just needs to be bolted into place and connected? Correct?
  10. Replacing rear glass???

    Thanks. I’m wondering if it’s something I can replace myself, I’m pretty good with cars.
  11. Replacing rear glass???

    How much did it cost?
  12. Replacing rear glass???

    Don’t ask how I did it, needless to say I’m an idiot! so, the rear window tailgate glass is smashed and needs replacing. What’s the best way/cheapest way of doing this? looks like it might be quite a job to reattach all the pieces to the glass. Ouch!
  13. Axial LED Headlights

    Was debating between these and Oculus and decided to go with these, not due to price, these were $320, so more than the average lights out there, but I liked the halo pattern and the aluminum housing. I also didn't want to be yet another Jeep with Oculus headlights, I wanted something...
  14. Oracle LED Reverse lights INSTALL

    No negative reflection to your reply, but... Yep. I’ve read that post on the install and I see your point, however, your way of doing it without removing the bumper involves smashing the current reflectors and installing the new LED lights without the screw to firmly hold them in place...
  15. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    Just got mine, here are instructions and pics from my install.

    Got mine. Here's the install instructions and pics.
  17. Oracle LED Reverse lights INSTALL

    FIrstly, a few annoyances: 1. The wiring is not long enough to reach inside the rear light clusters more than a couple of inches, so I had to extend the wiring. 2. The wiring clips that come with the kit are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. 3. The instructional link stated on the box...

    Mine arrived today! Will be installing tomorrow and will post pics
  19. what should my voltmeter read?

    This answers all my questions. Thank you so much.
  20. what should my voltmeter read?

    It used to read 14.4v all the time, then my main battery went bad and blew a 150amp fuse block. Dealer replaced the fuse block and the battery, since then it's been reading 12.6 to 13.9 randomly. I put it on charge yesterday with a Genus charger and conditioner and it now reads 12.7v...