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  1. Can’t seat the synthetic rope in my WARN winch

    Easy solution: Make the rope thinner. Tapercut one of the strands out, pull it out a few weaves and tug it back in. Just far enough back to enable you to wriggle it into place. You really do not need the full strength of the rope at the anchor point anyway.
  2. Sport Hood Mounted Vehicle Specific Solar System™ - Jeep JL & Gladiator

    Very neat indeed. I was wondering, regarding vented hoods... Maybe these would fit the Owens-Pro: Venum fiberglass vented hoods for the JL/JT. (I have no affiliation and no experience with this products)
  3. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Nice. Rear closet with cedar lining :)
  4. Any/all info on Sky One Touch PowerTop

    I think there is plenty of support for the power-top through the sport cage. I really can not see why there should be a problem with tilting the windscreen. The front seals by the windscreen is maybe different since it is a whole different construction from the freedom top. Those different seals...
  5. It’s Official - Production Sahara Retains Flip Flops

    Edited. Countries! Should have been more clear. Generally in Europe, you are not allowed to drive a vehicle without proper footwear. Barefooted or with thin soles it is more difficult to press with enough force to brake efficiently. Though in today's modern vehicles with brake assist etc. it...
  6. It’s Official - Production Sahara Retains Flip Flops

    The flip flops are only on the passenger side, correct? There is a reason why not wearing appropriate footwear when driving is illegal in many countries. Safety! I have a feeling that many of those hilarious parking lot accidents on YouTube is related to this.
  7. Factory Hood Lock

    A hood release in the cabin of a potential open cockpit is redundant. If you want safety for you under hood/bonnet on a wrangler you need to use a keyed lock or a hidden pull cable lock.
  8. JL air compressor

    There seems to be a notion that there is limited room to mount a compressor in the engine compartment on the JL. Rather than mounting it under the seat or in the back, I would really like to see someone finding a way to mount the compressor inside the spare wheel mount on the back of the JL...
  9. Small Rubicon Details from New England Auto Show

    Just thought of a good option of this steering wheel missing button. -Seat deodorizer! (After some of the more extreme or scary moments off road)
  10. Small Rubicon Details from New England Auto Show

    Steering wheel (post3 pic3) Still wondering what should be put in the blank button spot in the steering wheel, by the cruise control. ? Intended for future updates on adaptive cruise control? ? Maybe for a emergency flashing beacon for under the jeep when you roll over and are still holding on...
  11. JL underbelly

    Perhaps the Kings where with the Mopar lift kit. Do all the Rubicons have the red shocks ab factory as standard?
  12. JL underbelly

    May be wrong, but I think the Rubycon gets red shock absorbers or King Shocks. So this is probably not a Ruby. Maybe someone can ID the Differential housings? Selectrac or no? Engine is Pentastar and gearbox is auto.
  13. JL underbelly

    Look to New Wrangler / Features / Capability Scroll down...
  14. JL transmission + axle tech question Sahara/Rubicon

    I have seen someone claim that the (Europe) export version of the Rubicon will have the Selec-trac (gearing unknown). This is supposed to be to comply with with braking requirements that can not be met with part time 4wd. I doubt they would sell a Rubicon without lockers. Just wish the lockers...
  15. INTERIOR JL Photos Thread

    Wondering: The empty "button" space next to the cruise control on the steering wheel... Seems odd to leave that space blank. Maybe they are for an upcoming function like the adaptive cruise control? Or underside emergency beacon for when you are flipped upside down and your CB antenna broke?
  16. LA Auto Show: MOJITO! JLU Wrangler Rubicon with MOPAR Parts

    The design of the snorkel worries me. Attached at the air-box and the cowl only. I noticed it wobbling on a video from the show. Probably a rushed for the show part. Will need some kind of support between the door and folding wind screen. Maybe a limp riser?
  17. Side Mirror Turn Signals?

    Are we also talking about power-folding mirrors on the Euro models? - Or will that just be an aftermarket option? I did notice that this was not in the North American manual. Very convenient parking in town and when pushing your way through brush or forrest.
  18. Selec-Trac full time 4x4 4WD system discussions

    Thanks for all the info you provide guys, really apresiate it. It would have been nice if they had offered a three speed box. One speed for the highway, one for sand/dirt/mud and one for crawling. An option used to be something like an attached crawler like the "Ruby-crawler" (Though that now...
  19. Selec-Trac full time 4x4 4WD system discussions

    @ Great Grape Abe. LSD+locker... Are you referring to the EGerodisc variable lockers? An alternative would be their torsion sensitive Truetrac, with a little help from thee brakes to make them...
  20. Selec-Trac full time 4x4 4WD system discussions

    Ref. to picture in post 102. As you can still install Eaton e-lockers in thee Sahara diffs, maybe we could purchase the switches from them and perhaps even have the computer display your lockers in the dash. Hope this would be an option. Would like my "homebuild Ruby" to have full time 4WD...