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  1. Now It Gets Interesting. Tommy's Dad Purchased A Bronco With Sasquatch Package.

    While the 2 vehicles in question are definitely worlds apart, There are definitely apples to apples comparisons- The Badlands trim is targeted item for item to match the Rubicon. Further down the ladder, the Willys and Black Diamond are very comparable. Regardless of the loyalties within an...
  2. Now It Gets Interesting. Tommy's Dad Purchased A Bronco With Sasquatch Package.

    Maybe, as much as he wheels in CO, he's decided that he DOESN'T need the capability of a Rubicon.
  3. Now It Gets Interesting. Tommy's Dad Purchased A Bronco With Sasquatch Package.

    $69k is with CO taxes. MSRP is $63k, an equivalent Pentastar Jeep is $64k. You can get a 2-door Sasquatch for less than $40k. A non-squatch badlands vs a Rubicon will be the closest comparison until the 35" Recon package starts shipping.
  4. tell me what I just saw:

    ON the JK there was also a J180 model, (AFAIK) same as the old . It flipped 180deg (thus the name) to the front, putting the sleeping platform over the hood. I'm sure with enough interest there could be a 180 version for the JLU.
  5. How deep is too deep to water ford with factory air intake?

    Axles, t-case, trans, fuel tank breather...
  6. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    Turns out winches are even better at dragging a downed tree off the trail as they are at skidding a mired Jeep out of a bad spot.
  7. What are the chances my new 392 was a EJS Press vehicle

    Was it sold as new? If it was, this is completely unacceptable. While it might not cause a real problem for someone who plans on off-roading the thing, someone buying it for collector purposes (I think the 392 WILL be a collectors item) would have received a vehicle in deteriorated condition...
  8. 4xe Sahara GVWR weight sticker tag = 6200 lb

    You can get Duratrcs and Toyo MTs in that size. Once you go up to a 32 (or even better a 33) there are plenty of options.
  9. 4xe Sahara GVWR weight sticker tag = 6200 lb

    Now I just want the check-box for a max GVW Rubicon. Then one could actually build up a nice rig, haul a useful amount of gear and occupants, and still stay within GVW. Of course, all the added weight in the 4xe is near the floor, so the CG isn't raised substantially.
  10. End of first day with the Wrangler 4XE thoughts / feedback

    As long as the DC-DC converter is big enough, it should be fine. The one in the eTorque vehicles is 3kw, and I wouldn’t expect this one to be smaller. As to the AC compressor, I’m sure that’s electric. Testing with or without AC may have caused much of the reduction in battery range.
  11. Are duratrac sidewalls really that weak?

    Our JK came with duratracs. Best day of ownership so far was replacing them- Falken ATs.
  12. Are M/T's really Necessary?

    I would look at the argument the other way- do your daily requirements keep you in an AT? If there’s any chance of winding up in snow/ice, make sure the tire is snowflake ❄️ rated. If not, don’t worry.
  13. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    The problem with Wranglers, is that they’re Chryslers. Dumb stuff doesn’t work (electric steering, clutch) or breaks when it shouldn’t. These things do not magically add “jeep thing” charm. If you think “all cars have problems”, talk to a 4Runner owner. That said, I immensely enjoy our JKUR...
  14. E-torque is 48v of raw power, how do I use it to power my fridge?

    This whole e-torque thing as a high-power electric source has my curiosity. In one hand, a 48V winch would be slick, but just as interesting would be a 48VDC to 120VAC inverter. A 3kW pure sine wave unit is less than $400. You could run a whole camper on that.
  15. E-torque is 48v of raw power, how do I use it to power my fridge?

    That little write up said the system uses a 3kW converter to run the 12V portion of the vehicle. Hmmm
  16. Wrangler 4xe can be flat towed

    Yeah, only likely to work as a hack. The jeep does need to be “on” when flat towing, because the steering is unlocked. Fairly certain that the vehicle already needs to recognize a flat-tow mode.
  17. Wrangler 4xe can be flat towed

    It wouldn’t be trying to regen all the time. That’d be silly. Just whenever the brake lights come on.
  18. What is your ideal wrangler powerplant?

    I chose Hemi, but there was no diesel (4 or 6cyl) option. In some markets, the 2.2L Multijet is only a grand more than the 2.0T. A 2-door Rubicon with the Mulijet would be a riot.
  19. Wrangler 4xe can be flat towed

    Just so we continue to need answers, could those people answer if it can charge/regen when braking behind the coach? mechanically, it isn't a problem, it's just a matter of software allowing it.