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  1. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    ;)So I'm at the nearby off road enthusiast's store (yeah, right, as if, in suburban Westchester Co., NY...I wish!) I've been shopping all day and am starting to get hungry. I strike up a conversation with some others in the store and we head next door to the Chinese food place for a bite. My...
  2. ESS Reality Check

    @DaltonGang : as you may know, several of the CANbus technology accessories (e.g. JL Tazer) will get your ESS to remain off across cold cranks. It's true--you the individual can do little in the form of savings with ESS: although it adds up over the rig's life. And true: it may cost more in...
  3. Be Cautious with ESS

    I respect the logic behind ESS systems and government mandated fuel economy standards that motivated them. I dislike aspects of how FCA implemented ESS though in the JL. Specifically--and if my understanding is correct--the small ESS battery's purpose is to provide the electrical needs for the...
  4. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I thought about you when this thread started given your and Michelle's @MALL R8D's artistic abilities.:)
  5. Be Cautious with ESS

    All valid. Consider though that ESS systems were designed to help manufacturers meet government mandated fuel savings goals, themselves motivated by that fact in aggregate, across motorists with such features (enabled) these savings add up. I'd prefer not to re-open discussions from another...
  6. ESS Reality Check

    Thanks for your thoughts Brandy. I don't know if the system displays multiple reasons why it won't engage, so maybe you had no voltage issue, or maybe that voltage issue would have appeared on your screens only after adequate engine temp had been reached and said temperature no longer became a...
  7. ESS Reality Check

    It is in a hard to get to spot. If stranded @Jebiruph's aforementioned hack, I think, is our best play until we can get home or to service center.
  8. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Here's an interesting one. It's not that paracord grab handles are pricey to buy; rather I think it's interesting to know how they can be made.
  9. ESS Reality Check

    Agreed. Upon successful cold (or I guess ESS) crank the batteries are, to my understanding, connected in parallel, and yet some sensor must momentarily isolate them to get solely ESS readings. When someone publishes the accurate "ESS on the JL Guide for Dummies," I'll be buying it.:)
  10. ESS Reality Check

    I hear you. Voltage checks for 12.4V while the rig's at rest for a while, combined with 14/7V readings while the rigs in motion minutes later largely support your message.:)
  11. ESS Reality Check

    Your first paragraph is my story as well after a few months of ownership and prior to trickle charging the rig. Sarcasm: now why on earth Timm would you be concerned that a small little battery, not big enough to power some larger toys, and whose charge is necessary to cold crank the rig, even...
  12. ESS Reality Check

    I hear this @Sean L . The thing of it is though that it does get to a point where the ESS kicks in---say after 15 minutes to put a number on it. Which made me want to articulate this reality check to others to see if they had similar stories.:) I've yet to get the first oil change yet. Yeah...
  13. ESS Reality Check

    It does not my friend...just that the ESS battery is in the process of charging before it's presumptively reached a voltage threshold suitable for ESS operations.:)
  14. ESS Reality Check

    While I completely appreciate that the ESS system does not engage shortly after engine crank, say, after the last time the rig's been taken out the day before.. ..if for no other reason than engine temps--one of the criteria for it to engage I understand--hasn't yet been reached... I've found...
  15. Rear defroster wire detached

    In deference Steve I had the same thought. Then I read Nate's @Todkavonic post about the dealer telling the "epoxyor," (he/she who expoxies) to "Hit the Road Jack," and got confused.;) We should probably put it to a vote:;)
  16. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Good point. Allow me to suggest, short of the expense of power coating, that headliner paint may do the trick here.
  17. Has anyone else run out of gas yet?

    I didn't ask that, but ok. Ok, then let me educate you. I've personally known of people who died, who could have been saved, were it not for traffic preventing them from getting the help they needed in time. Some of that traffic stemmed from the irresponsibility of drivers far more...
  18. Freedom top storage?

    At least in my NYS Mike you're street legal simply if you have side view mirrors on each side, even if the rear mirror's present, but its view is obscured. Your point about securing missiles over any overstated sense of visibility laying them down but not secured is well respect.
  19. Lifting JLUR hardtop by the roof rack

    I'm also in the school of thought that says it's probably fine to do depending on the method of attachment to the roof, but better advised being done by something that contacts the interior side of the roof, especially a strap in front that spreads the weight. It is though only 100 pounds. One...
  20. Has anyone else run out of gas yet?

    Thank you. It's like the OP is exposed to major risks factors from filling his tank and that he didn't foresee he'd need to do this filling when he bought a automobile that runs on liquid fuel that, in actuality, doesn't run for 25 years straight like a nuclear reactor just brought on line with...