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  1. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    AEV was great with the longer Mopar control arms!
  2. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    we wanted a little more than the 2” lift that the AEV provided and came across a great deal on the lift.
  3. Mopar Accessories JL WINCH MOUNTING KIT Part Number: 293-82215182AC

    Hopefully someone who has done the install more recently would be able to tell you. The install was so long ago that I can't remember.
  4. Mopar 2" lift and AEV wheel combo going to be a problem?

    Our 2019 Rubicon had an issue with the 37" Nitto Ridge Grappler on AEV Savegre II's rubbing the OEM Rubicon front skid plate on the passenger side until we installed an adjustable track bar to center the axle. The rubbing only happened at full lock turning left. It mostly happened in parking...
  5. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    It was a sunny but chilly weekend here in Maryland so we decided to take a day trip to Assateague National Sea Shore OSV area.
  6. The dirty underbelly of off-roading

    She-wee and wag bags. Pack in and pack out. I don't mind when people dig cat holes but it sucks when you pull up to an off the grid camp site and there is used toilet paper in the branches of the bushes because the tp got dug up by an animal or wasn't buried deep enough...
  7. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    I like your setup. Have you tested it out yet? Do you have a list of the parts you used?
  8. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    Adams Jeep in Aberdeen, MD gave us a call after the 1st of the year and replaced the aluminum steering box with the new steel one under the TSB that we had scheduled at the end of 2020. The Jeep steers significantly better on the highway at 70mph.
  9. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    John from If I was coming up from NC, I would most likely buy all of the Purple Lizard maps for PA and link a 7 day trip together.
  10. Rubicon Rear Differential Gear Oil Capacity Surprise

    Did you do 75/140 front and rear or just in the rear?
  11. Show off your Hutchinson Rock Monsters!!!

    Where did you find them discounted?
  12. Maryland Peeps

    AP Tinting in Sykesville does great work.
  13. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    My dealer called me yesterday and said that all 10 of his steering box orders have been cancelled. I took it in 52 days ago for evaluation and there were a few Jeep’s in front of ours waiting on the box. We were told it would be ordered. Now we are being told FCA cancelled their orders.
  14. Coil Spring issues with Mopar 2" lift - How many?

    Has anyone tried the Daystar isolator?
  15. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    We went up to Tuscarora State Forest in PA to check out the fall foliage today. It took about 5 hours to do 65 miles on gravel.
  16. Warthog JLUR Rig Journal

    I recommend all of Kyle’s courses. It’s actually very affordable to do a private 101/201 2 day course. You should look into it.
  17. Goal Zero Yeti

    Who uses a Goal Zero Yeti? I just picked up a Yeti 1500X one up for $1483 after tax using a 30% coupon at Cabela's. It looks like it will work good with our Dometic CFX3 DZ75 and make it easy to switch between our vehicles. We usually power the fridge using our Manley ORV trailer with dual...
  18. Synergy castle nuts

    The drag link ends are 1-14 left hand thread. It should be easy enough to find those in a hardware store. 4162-L HD Tie Rod End, Left Hand Thread for JL Drag Link (Single Plane) 1-14 Left Hand 4163-L HD Tie Rod End, Left Hand Thread for JL Drag Link and Tie Rod 1-14 Left Hand
  19. AEV Savegre

    Those are Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series with a flat step without the plates.
  20. Track bar braces

    We sold our Synergy NIB before install and will be using Rancho or Rusty’s.