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  1. Connecticut Sold: WTS Front JLU Plastic Bumper w/ Halogen Fogs

    Hi all, I removed the front plastic bumper off my JLU (including the plastic skid plate) to replace it for the knock-off steel bumper. The new bumper is serving me very well so I have no real need for these any more. I would gladly give it to a good home for $25 OBO, pick-up only in Hartford...
  2. Oracle Jeep Wrangler JL “black series” LED Tail Light

    Love them. The *only* "problem" with them, if you can even call it that, is I've been told that during the day it can be a bit hard to see them light up. They also give me an annoying "light out" diagnostic on just one side of the vehicle but both the lane assist sensors and the lights work...
  3. Connecticut JL Sport fenders, and a couple more things.

    Would be interested in pics, thanks.
  4. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Yeah, only issue myself is a few rust spots but I'm not really seeing any new ones so hopefully it's holding up as-is.
  5. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    They're what I'm using, and I stuffed cavities with some polyfill. Quite frankly I can't remember what stock sounds like. But while I know the improvement wasn't *massive*, it was enough to be worth the upgrade.
  6. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Love it. Recovery hooks going to be military green as well?
  7. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Yeah, I'm not sure my nerves could handle that haha. Definitely a permanent mod, but looks great!
  8. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Looks awesome. That black piece above the steps hugging the bottom of the doors; is that an adhesive or an actual piece of metal/plastic that attaches to the rig?
  9. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Totally fair. I'm stoked about the color outline I did (seen above) but I understand the perspective.
  10. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Love it. No (whatever shade of blue you want to call it) border around the fender vent decal?
  11. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    I checked too. Basically all of their colors are :( including burnt orange. I think black might be available? Seems the only way to get these in a color you want, at least at the moment, is to order black and get them powder coated. Super unfortunate. These are awesome.
  12. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Whoever recommended Pixel Decals, thank you! I just ordered this set of vent decals which I got customized. How/why this guy only charges an extra $5 for custom work is beyond me. So excited to get these. Just the perfect touch of orange. May wind up not doing my hood latches now as I won't...
  13. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    That's true too. I've spent enough modifying the thing already haha and have plenty more I want to do. Will keep that in mind as it's a good suggestion.
  14. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Calipers and seat covers were two of my next intended projects. Seat covers first, probably. Calipers I might wait until I need new wheels so I can do those and the black wheels at the same time. Looks really good.
  15. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    I don't understand why they ever got rid of it. I feel like that was a truly iconic color for a Wrangler. My head turned every single time.
  16. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Seems like trim rings/beadlocks are popular. Something I'll need to consider, thanks! Looks great on your rig.