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  1. How long do Jeeps usually last?

    I had 285k miles on a 1993 4.0L YJ. Most modern vehicles should last 200k miles if properly maintained.
  2. Soft top or hard top?

    When I was younger, my YJ and TJ were soft top only. My JK and JL I ordered with the hardtop for the main reason that rear access for me is essential for coaching baseball. The rear glass on a hardtop is very convenient for me when opening and closing. I did purchase a Bestop soft top that goes...
  3. Next Generation Prediction

    It will stay every 10 years, no need to bump it up, just look at sales.
  4. Thinking swapping my 2020 Jeep Willys

    For that much money, if you want a rubicon, get a JL rubicon. I have owned every model year of a wrangler and the JL is the best suited for daily driving. The JK is a very good Jeep, but I think you would regret going back in time, unless its a 2nd or 3rd vehicle for you.
  5. You can now order 3.6 auto without eTorque again

    Once the cabin is cool the start /stop will then function. It does it very well. You can turn it off but I haven’t felt the need to. It does start/stop much better than my wife’s mini. I don’t think it makes the Jeep any faster, but it shifts so smoothly. I came from a JKU 3.6 and this...
  6. Is a house really an investment?

    My thought is that if I ever want to retire, I would like to own a home outright. This was advice from my grandfather years ago. He bought his first home which was very small. Lived there a while, and then sold it and bought something nicer. He kept doing this over the years to the point of...
  7. Rich Jeepers

    It’s all about priorities in my household. We don’t buy things if we can’t afford them. Used my VA loan to buy a house, and drive our vehicles for 10+ years. Do most of it on 1 income and save the other. Took us a little bit to figure that out, but it is a team effort.
  8. Hood Decals and Graphics Thread

    Nice, I have been throwing for about 8 years. The sport really has taken off, especially during COVID! Hard to find plastic some times, not that I need anymore....
  9. Ordering a rubi with non e torque 3.6 and auto trans issues.

    I had the same thought process as you. I had the 3.6 in my JKU and wanted it again. Once I saw the eTorque system, I backtracked a bit. Test drove a 2.0T and it wasn't for me. Ordered the 3.6 auto and had to get the eTorque. Now I don't mind it at all. This 3.6 with eTorque feels much better...
  10. Potential New owner question on Wrangler highway ability.

    The old saying you only live once.... if you want it, get it. Worst case you discover it isn't for you and you sell it. I have owned Jeeps for 20+ years. We are a 2 car family. Sometimes we take the Jeep, sometimes we don't. It is fun and I enjoy the ride. It gets us from A to B but yes, there...
  11. One-time Loud click/snap front left while driving

    If it continues, search the forum for castle nut tightening on the lower ball joints. Several of us had issues with the castle nut not being tight enough. It causes a metallic like sound when turning the wheel. Mine started at 800 miles. Just needs tightened and the dealer will do it under...
  12. Out-of-state purchasing. Making sure I don’t get screwed on taxes.

    When I bought out of state the dealership collected my states tax(6%) as part of the transaction. I then received a check from that dealership a few days later and had to go to my local dmv and give them that check when I registered the vehicle for my state. If your state requires an inspection...
  13. Best combo for reliability?

    I have owned YJ, TJ, JK, and now a JL. The JL is the first auto I owned, I just got tired of shifting. The other Jeeps were great to own but the engine was never the problem. The YJ it was the tranny but that was around 280k miles, the TJ it was the ECM twice, and the JK was fine I just got...
  14. Before I Buy My Jeep Questions

    I had a JK with the 3.6 and now a JL with 3.6 and eTorque. I prefer the eTorque as the start stop is very smooth. The 8speed auto if very nice as well. I had LED on my JK and didn’t get them this time. I was constantly being flashed by oncoming traffic and this was after having my lights...
  15. What does a typical Wrangler "refresh" consist of?

    The TJ had some minor changes like smaller hood cowl vent after ‘97, change from a 5 speed manual to a 6 speed in ‘05 I think, and the seat patterns changed over the years. They of course added the Rubicon and LJ in that timeframe as well. The JK did an interior overhaul in 2011 and went to the...
  16. First Oil Change - Low Mileage JLU

    There isn’t a restriction. I am a low mileage driver as well and they didn’t ask any questions. They just said I get 3 free ones.
  17. To "Half Doors or not to Half Doors, THAT is the question?"

    I have kids and power windows were a must for my guys in the rear. I had 1/2 doors on my TJ and YJ and the zipper windows drove me nuts. Plastic scratches so easily that just trying to keep my soft top windows clean makes my brain hurt. $4000 to me is way too much since I have no desire for...
  18. New here. Looking to buy a new Jeep.

    There is a guy on here that just started posting recently that works for a dealership in PA that is doing 5-8% below invoice. Chapman maybe in Horsham, PA maybe?
  19. Square thingy on my new 21 Jeep Sahara? What is it for?

    Looks like the wiper cleaner nozzle. Flip the glass up and see?