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  1. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    You meant that for Nomod, not me, Nomad.
  2. Bronco features you would like Jeep to incorporate into Wrangler during JL's mid-cycle redesign

    Some other corresponding benefits besides just the interior space: Subwoofer could be on the side instead of in the cubby. Gas tank could be bigger. Maybe they'd raise the maximum tow weight rating. Plenty of room for a rooftop tent and bigger racks. And maybe other things from the other wish...
  3. Off road combo lights..LP6's, KC's, Rigid??? Which ones?

    I went with Baja Designs on the Jeep factory light mounts. Very high quality. I had the same thought about the housing being round like the headlights.
  4. Best music for Jeep Cruisin'?

    Tommy Emmanuel, all acoustic finger picking guitar.
  5. Does Anybody Know What This Is?

    Eww. Imagine what might have been in that.
  6. 3rd brake light with 285s

    At first I made no changes. Then the next time I rotated my tires I raised the brake light. Now I notice the rear wiper arm is contacting the backside of the brake light bracket. Next rotate I'm going to lower it again.
  7. Jeep fail

    A great way to apply for a job is to sling a bunch of insults at the company. I'm sure that will help.
  8. First road trip with the JL on 37's

    Probably not the popular opinion here but I really like the 20" wheels with 37s. Not that I'm ever going to put my money where my mouth is. Great looker.
  9. I laughed at all the 392 buyers! 😥 what a dummy.

    And I own a landscaping company. In 2008 I was spending $150 to fill each of 4 trucks, twice a week! Almost $5000 a month. It was devastating.
  10. Storage bags for 2-door JL

    The JK ones don't fit the JL properly, I tried.
  11. New touchscreen today.

    Had my 7" radio replaced in my Sport S under warranty today. Valet delivery so I haven't driven it yet. Just wondering, I used my taser to calibrate for 33's... will it still be calibrated after the radio replacement or will I have to do it again? Thanks.
  12. What is your ideal wrangler powerplant?

    A modern take on a 4.0 straight six. Long stroke, 300 hp and 325 lbft at 1500rpm would be all I'd ever need in a two door.
  13. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    I’ve been right there under similar conditions, just once. Beautiful. Of course I grew up in New England and even plowed snow there so I don’t fear the winter weather. You make decisions and choices and cope. And I echo your rant about people driving too slow. Only comfortable with 45mph? If...
  14. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    My thoughts on all of your thoughts. i actually like the styling of the Bronco concept, not as much the production version. I too bought the first year JL but I needed to replace my one and only vehicle so I took the risk. I think I’ve had to deal with every recall as a result. Still love it...
  15. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    Although many people get a new cell phone often. I get one every two years when my cell contract renews. Of course this is a Jeep forum so maybe a lot of you get a new Jeep more often than I get a new phone!
  16. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    I had the screen protector waiting here before the Jeep was delivered. Installed it the first night. It came with two which is good because I messed up the first one, but I saw what I did wrong and the second went on perfectly.
  17. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    I'm sorry what was the question again? Seriously though, that roof is sagging under their combined weight. If those girls had bounced a little I'd be shocked if it didn't break through.
  18. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Yes what you said about the gear storage becoming awkward.