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  1. Washington Gobi roof rack and RTT

    Fun drive up the coast
  2. Went back to naked and I’m loving it.

    Have been really into overlanding for a couple years but with lots of young kids I haven’t been getting out. We use a camper trailer now and Jeep from there. This the gobi rack and Yakima roof top tent are off. I miss the utility and will be said to sell it but it’s just not being used anymore.
  3. Washington Gobi roof rack and RTT

    Selling my Yakima Skyrise tent Small 2 person. Selling for $700. Used maybe 6 times. Ended up getting a camper trailer due to increasing number of offspring. Located in Yakima. Perfect condition. gobi rack $1000 Will need a couple parts from them. Not taking off bottom bracket as I would have...
  4. Best JLU trim for daily driver?

    How much extra money do you have? Go fully loaded rubicon with 2” mopar lift and 35” tires. Perfect for me. Heated seats and steering will - lockers - sway bar disconnect - perfect function and cool look - rubicon hood is cool
  5. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Windshield down- makes for a fun commute to work.
  6. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Weight with full tanks is 3500. That’s the max for the Jeep. It’s not easy pulling when loaded up with water and everything but not horrible. I wouldn’t pull cross country but within a hundred or miles or so it does great.
  7. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    Not in all states. In Washington we have a lot of hydro power so it makes since dollar and pollution wise to drive an EV. And we have a lot of charging stations.
  8. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    But I hope it doesn’t look like this. The $100 refundable deposit is just to hold my spot in line in case I end up loving it in 3 years. I like Tesla’s and plan on a truck in the future so I am just taking a spot in line it case it’s got a large back order. My biggest worry with the looks is...
  9. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    I wouldn’t mind if looks changed and specs stayed the same.
  10. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    Why not? I don’t have experience with Tesla.
  11. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    I ordered one also. 500 mile range, 14k tow capacity, same bed size as f150, adjustable ride height up to 14”, 0-60 in under 3 - that’s awesome. The comparable f250 is way more expensive plus they don’t drive themselves... I compare f250 because a 150 doesn’t have a tow capacity of 14k. Are the...
  12. Can you suggest a cargo net for inside the tailgate?

  13. Technology package worth $1000?

    After reading all the comments I think the appropriate thing for you to do is order a fully loaded Rubicon then immediately throw away the bumpers, wheels, tires, and add a Gobi Roof rack, then buy a fridge, air compressor and roof top tent.... Then change the background of your phone to a Jeep...
  14. Wrangler Rubicon vs Ford Ranger Raptor

    I agree. That being said I love it so much I just bit the bullet... I know several people in my community who never got the same issues but Jeep couldn't fix and I decided the couple thousand to do it right was worth my time instead of using all my free time to fight Jeep.
  15. DV8 Tubular Sliders - Anyone see these in person?

    I like them a lot. I have had some chipping of the coating from some light rubbing. Kind of annoying but I have a can of auto black spray paint I use to just touch up quarterly... The definitely add some protection and is a nice step - but not so much it gets hung up. And easy install. I would...
  16. Wrangler Rubicon vs Ford Ranger Raptor

    I upgraded to a full steersmarts set up and its handles like a dream now.