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  1. Cabela's tote sale

    Got me 4 small and 3 medium. Smalls fit perfectly in the back cargo area. Best price I have found during rona...
  2. Oklahoma Red rubi tow hooks OK-Edmond

    Nothing wrong just have a bumper and don't need tow hooks. $40 Edmond
  3. Correct Rancho RS62124 skid

    Rancho RS62124 Have 2018 JLU not rubi Is this the correct skid?
  4. California Baja designs S8 10" amber light

    Yeah Rona hit the house... Love life Had to bail on it
  5. Flush Mount Style LED Tail Lights for Jeep Wrangler JL

    Hopefully not hundreds of dollars.:)
  6. Has Anyone Painted the Inside of Their Hardtop?

    Going to do this to mine after the summer cools to fall! Can't stand the white and will going grey. And easy touchup with can of paint.
  7. Amazon Prime Day 2021

    So far leaked: Jackery is doing 30% off storewide ICECO is doing 20% off storewide
  8. Creative uses for backup sensor holes?

    I've got my LEDs just need to do the work
  9. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Stock 33s I Believe on gray wheels. Looooove them. Found em in texas and I live in Oklahoma
  10. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Finally got around to installing mine. Took only 4 hours and I took my time. Was following a couple YouTube Mopar fox lifts and just omitted lca and the longer parts and verrrry handy step x steps on here Also used Daystar 3/4 spacers. Did not take before just cause I did not remember but very...
  11. All rotopax mount options

    Working of a rotopax mount with my same mounts but for 4 gallon x 2 for the roof. Basically take some roof cross bars and Some strut north and south and connect my make shift mounts
  12. It starts... Trailer build

    Got the rotopax mounted up Working on welding up front basket
  13. All rotopax mount options

    Thar she blows. Very simple setup knockout from electric box, some bolts and stuff and some angle iron, just had layin around. Put a lock and jazz just to deter if stolen I really don't care as I got two for $30 total
  14. It starts... Trailer build

    So clearly a slow build... Got the custom, because I didn't want to pay $30 and I have welder, jack stand done
  15. It starts... Trailer build

    Wheel adapters coming too to use stock jl wheels and tires. Lift lift lift :)
  16. It starts... Trailer build

    Some more work. Mocked up propane tank and side tailgate as table. Welded on some tabs and just stick bolt through!