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  1. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    I personally put it on within 30 minutes of owning it so I can’t say. But it sounds fantastic paired with the axle back exhaust.
  2. JL Delivery Checklist

    Alright so bit of a long post but I got my 21' 2dr Rubicon a few weeks ago and took it on a road trip for 1,600+ miles, I encountered 2 errors and notated them to FCA and my Dealer. Below are my experiences and how I fixed them, TL;DR will be at bottom. Specs of my JL: Rubicon, 2dr, 3.6 w/...
  3. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Picked it up tonight!
  4. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    Picked it up tonight! Already slapped on a new exhaust, intake, antenna and third brake light. Night and day difference from the JKU.
  5. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Did my two things I wanted right away. The difference between my old JKU and this is night and day! You’ll all get yours eventually! :)
  6. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Ordered 7/16 Dealership notified me it was delivered from rail-yard an hour ago and is in PDI(Pre Delivery Inspection). Heading there at 4:00pm MST to pick it up :) Pics... TONIGHT, after I install Exhaust. If anyone wants a Stock Rubicon Intake and or Exhaust and lives near Denver, they're...
  7. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Don't get too disheartened, I was told the same thing from 8/10-9/5 when in reality on 9/6 both my build sheet and sticker posted and dealer notified me it was being released from Toledo that day. It's now being unloaded from a train and should have it hopefully by tomorrow or Friday. TL;DR My...
  8. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    A road trip without music? No thanks.
  9. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Heard plenty of reviews about this exactly, I’ve driven my JKU from Denver to Small town Minnesota plenty of times, getting my new 2 Dr Rubicon hopefully this week if not next (it’s being unloaded from train as of Monday AM). I am excited to slap on 1,400 miles and compare.
  10. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Dealer notified me today my Rubicon just got unloaded from the train yard a couple miles from dealership, they’re hoping to have it Thursday or Friday, soon! (Ordered 7/16)
  11. Alpine loop trails in October?

    That’s because we had a very early snow storm blanket most the state, it went from 95 mid afternoon to snowing and 31 degrees in Denver(in the same day), in a couple days we’ll be back to higher 80’s though. Such weird weather!
  12. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Means your vin hasn’t replaced this one... yet. Source: Mine was a town and country that failed and was scrapped(presumably). (Showed that until a week or two before it left Toledo.)
  13. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    This website seems to think so, looks like I'm 27365 (Ordered 7/16, 2 Dr Rubicon, most every option and currently it's on a train!)
  14. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    My sales person was a total flake too. Luckily the sales manager has been more than awesome.
  15. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Weird it shows every single option when I view my build sheet, both the 7” and 8.4”(what I ordered). But sales manager did tell me Toledo released my Jeep today and Confirmed ramp date for rail yard. window sticker published now...
  16. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Sales Manager called me today, crypto hasn’t shown anything yet, but he confirmed KZ-M and was released from Toledo today. Ramp date shows 13th :) order 7/16
  17. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    His post history suggest mid August order date, so that’s likely his build date, my “shipping date” is tomorrow 9/2 but I bet it’s build date. (Ordered 7/16). I have a ramp date for rail yard, if it makes it in time.
  18. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Where did you see your window sticker? FCA link plus vin? Crypto will pull it eventually then
  19. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    AutoNation West Jeep, Manager said the status was D1 but according to him said Production and not Pre Production, but no specific stage; which I didn't like. But the fact he read the Railroad shipping order with dates made me wonder if I'm one of the people that won't see their Build sheet until...