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  1. How to keep the neighborhood stray cats from sleeping in my doorless Jeep?

    You could modify an ultrasonic rodent repel device with a power point plug. Plug it into a hot all the time power point and set it on one of the seats.
  2. Service Airbag

    I am not an engineer. It seems like soldering the wires directly would work. I did think of using a Deutsch DTM Series or a Weather pack two position connector, however I wanted to keep it original.
  3. Service Airbag

    I pulled the wires out of the connector when I was removing my seat and the airbag light came on on the dash. I ordered the pins from Mouser and repaired the connector and the airbag light went out. Mouser #: 571-7-1452668-1-LP Mfr. #: 7-1452668-1 (Loose Piece) Desc.: Automotive...
  4. 3.6 - For Those Running Premium Fuel

    It would be interesting to put the Jeep on a dyno and see if the knock sensor is sensing knock and retarding the timing. Also, with the factory tune does the timing advance until it senses knock then back off timing to get as much power as possible. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    The name of the part is Engine Variable Valve Timing Solenoid the Mopar part number is 5047897AC. The seal in the valve cover that the solenoid goes into is Mopar part number 4893803AA. To replace the seal on the right or passenger side is not that difficult. The engine cover and right...
  6. Fog light wiring harness

    I replaced my plastic Rubicon bumper with a Rubicon steel bumper. I reused the wiring harness and LED fog lights with adapter to fit the fog lights from the plastic bumper to the steel bumper. I am not sure if the connector on the harness is the same for the halogen fog lights.
  7. Decent wire

    The best wire I have found for automotive wiring is Tefzel insulated wire mil spec. This wire is used in aircraft and off road race cars. I order the wire through Prowire USA.
  8. Sat phone recommendations?

    The SOS feature is great. Another plus for the spot and Garmin Inreach is that you can leave a bread crumb type trail that others can view on the internet and you can follow back if you get lost. Defiantly has advantages over the sat phone
  9. Sat phone recommendations?

    Another option would be to rent a satellite phone for your trip. I have rented satellite phones when racing and exploring in Baja California. I find having voice communications much easier to use over texting in most cases and you can send texts via Iridium sat phones. Good luck and have a...
  10. USB port was working now it isn’t sorta...

    USB 1 full size connector on the dash stopped working on my 2018 Rubicon with 8.4 radio and Alpine sound system. The USB 1 port was charging my phone slowly for several weeks and then stopped charging and connecting my phone to Apple play. I switched to USB port 2 in the center console and my...
  11. 4WD in reverse different?

    I have noticed that when backing up that I get stuck easier and have less traction as when going forward with the Jeeps and other 4wd's I have driven. For me I think it there are several factors that make backing up less effective then going forward. The first factor is that I tend to drive...
  12. KC Gravity Pro 6 - Mounting on JL Steel Bumper

    Here is a pic of my mounting.
  13. KC Gravity Pro 6 - Mounting on JL Steel Bumper

    I mounted my Baja Designs LP9 pros using those holes in the metal bumper. The Torx bolts go into clip nuts that attach to the bumper mounts. I would do the following to mount your lights. 1. Remove the Torx bolt where you want to mount the light. 2. Loosen the three other Torx bolts a...
  14. Who using BlueOx to tow JLR and what did you do with the lights.

    I just installed a Currie tow bar plate that works with the steel bumper that I bought at the Off Road show in Pomona last weekend . The Currie plate is advertised to work with the Blue Ox tow bar with out adapters. The install was straight forward and took a little over an hour in my...
  15. Discounts?

    I the free shipping code still active?
  16. ZF 8 speed automatic transmission review

    Here is a cool video on the ZF HP automatic transmission. I believe that the ZF HP is similar to the 850RE.
  17. Sold: California Rubicon plastic front bumper

    Free 2018 Rubicon plastic front bumper. No fog lights no tow hooks. Local pick up only Mammoth Lakes
  18. Golden eagle

    I was checking out one of the Mopar parts websites and along with the Rubicon, Moab, and Sahara stickers were Golden Eagle side stickers 6NJ911XFAA. There was also a stylized bird 6NJ901XFAA. Upcoming special edition?
  19. Oil Cooler Leak

    I did take the Jeep to the dealer to have the oil leak repaired under warranty. It appeared oil leak was fixed and there was no puddled oil on the top of the engine (as seen in the inspection camera picture 7/30) after the repair. I was told that the upper oil pan gasket was replaced. The...