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  1. JLU 2021 Lot sale Upgraded Steering Box Question

    I am calling BS on Jeep here telling you this is normal way they drive. You spend $50K on a Jeep and your get a poorly designed steering system that borders or crosses the line into being dangerous. It sounds to me like even the 2021 steering box upgrade they did at the factory is not...
  2. 2019 JLU Sahara depreciated 42% in 10 months

    It must just be a Jeep Thing !
  3. 2019 JLU Sahara depreciated 42% in 10 months

    I traded in my 2018 MOAB with 15K miles on it 3 months ago for a Toyota Tundra and got $41K trade in on it. The MSRP on this vehicle when I bought it was $55K, but I only paid $46K for it, so for me I think thats doing really well Clearly if you end up paying anything near MSRP for these...
  4. Possible deal breaker if you have wide shoulders...

    For a $55K vehicle, the seats in the JLU are embarrassing. There is no reason why they cant equip these vehicles with a higher quality, better supportive and better quality seat overall.
  5. “Express” Oil Change - how long of a wait is reasonable?

    Its a shame to have to wait for a simple oil change and then only to find they overfilled with 6 quarts of oil instead of 5. :swear:
  6. Lifelong wrangler driver. Considering jumping ship...

    The only way that FCA will address the fundamental quality flaws is if all of us stop spending $60K and there sales suffer. But as long as people keep running around justifying as its a jeep thing, nothing will change.
  7. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    I chose to give up on Jeep, how many different model years do you have to buy hoping you get a one that is not flawed or has issues addressed. And my sense is that 2020 is no different than 2019 or 2018. In my opinion the entire steering geometry and design is flawed in the JLU, so it will...
  8. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    Never dawned on me really, they are different ? Come on man ! Its not about specs, its about what you get for you money and the quality factor.
  9. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    in all seriousness, i am not much for how I look in a vehicle, but the quality in all regards is night and day difference. People paying $60K for JLUR and for $65K you can get a mostly loaded Raptor.
  10. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    I couldn't take it anymore on my 2018 and I finally traded it in for a Ford F150 Raptor a month ago. I could't be happier
  11. Wind Noise From Pax side window

    Sorry to hear with a 2020 model year that FCA still hasn't fixed this flaw. I had it super bad on my 2018 so much so you wind intrusion into the cabin was horrific. I ended up trading it in for something else, I couldn't take it anymore
  12. KM3 In Snow?

    I had KM3s on my 2018 MOAB and they are not good on Snowy Roads from my experience. If your offroad on gravel or dirt roads with snow I beleive they would be much better.
  13. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    Like I said, denial. Go spend 10 minutes in the problems section of this forum which I'll bet you never have. And its way more than just steering issues. By the way my 2016 JKU Rubicon did not have these issues and I didn't have to run around every week justifying its a jeep thing because it...
  14. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    For some reason there is a theme of denial that exists across the this forum that FCA is having legitimate quality issues across the board that go way above and beyond the norm in the industry and certainly way above the norm for a premium priced $55K vehicle. All you have to do is spend 5 to...
  15. Sarge Green: Rumor or Reality?

    I heard to today that Sarge Green being issued with the fix of the Death Wobble and the Wondering for 2021 !
  16. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    And btw, nowhere here am I bashing Jeep. Kn - look at the Thread name here.... if you are not having any of these issues, then why are you all over this thread like a hawk ? Steering/wobbling/Wondering/Buyback - I simply shared my experiences for the benefit of those who are also...
  17. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    And sorry, I still don't get the Boat analogy. Never had a problem manuevering and docking my Formula 34 PC with 8.1 HO V Drives. Very high quality boat experience.
  18. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    Brandy, to each his/her own. I have had Ford, Dodge, GMC, Jeep products, each has pros and cons and their highs and lows and I agree with you, not everyone but rather a smaller percentage of new jeep owners are likely having these issues. For those that don't, that great. I am just not...
  19. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    I am going to take the high road here on comments by KnG818, simply sharing my experiences. I don't get the boat analogy though maybe another Jeep thing I don't understand.. Never had any issues docking my Formula 34 PC..... And to each is own, if you prefer a vehicle that requires $15K in...
  20. Lifelong wrangler driver. Considering jumping ship...

    I finally jumped ship 2 months ago from my 2018 Moab to a 2019 Ford Raptor. I'll just say that I am very happy and stark contrast relative to quality. Its a personal choice obviously, but wind intrusion to a point of where you can't take a phone call in your vehicle on the highway, steering...