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  1. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    I'll be there in a couple weeks. Looking forward to it!!
  2. New Jeep Quick Off-Gassing Solutions SOLVED AND ENDED

    Leave the wife at home in the basement. Remove top and have fun. 🙄
  3. Indiana OEM Factory Half Doors

    I'd love to buy them. You're too far away though.
  4. Welp...Nacho and Hella are done

    Glad I was able to get my Hella in March.
  5. Mopar dash trim - black leather with Carmel color stitching

    An install post would be great. I want to replace my plain dash with the red thread one but am curious about how much of a job it is to do before I dig in.
  6. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    Gotta have Daylighters on a yellow Jeep.
  7. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    Had to get me some Daylighters.
  8. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Gave my co-workers a chuckle.
  9. Best place to buy custom color caliper covers for 4xe

    I've used the G2 kit on a previous vehicle. I'd highly recommend it.
  10. Oracle plug-n-play harness for rear bumper LEDs

    Push on the wires and finish seating them in the connector.
  11. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12,000# Winch Lower Price

    It's right on their website. 20% off any 1 item for Father's Day.
  12. Lost backup camera guide lines

    Lines in a backup camera video are essential? Wow.
  13. Trade/Sell - What to wipe clean, digital exhaust

    Waste the next 30 minutes of your life trying to cancel SiriusXM. They sure are tenacious buggers. They have all sorts of ways to try and convince you to not cancel. :mad:
  14. Any dirt roads for a beginner in So Cal?

    There's a bunch of cool gravel roads in Death Valley. Titus Canyon is a good fun beginner trip.
  15. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    Winter is over. There's longer a need for threads like this. 🙄
  16. Lost backup camera guide lines

    Yeah, they come and go and come back again within the same day. I'm not about to do a reset every damn time I drive it.