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  1. I was so happy until I saw this puddle

    Like getting a new puppy.
  2. Rubicons Mis-aligned ?

    My '12 JKR always pulls to the left in the left lane and goes straight in the right lane. All Jeeps wander to some degree. The '18 Jeep is still based on 50 year old suspension technology, so don't expect miracles.
  3. Uconnect screen freaking out

    Fiat/Chrysler has had software issues with those displays for years. My wife's '14 GC had issues going back to when bought in 2013. Many software up dates later it looks like the 2017 software update finally got it working right. I'm sure the JL's problems will get sorted in good time.
  4. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Glad they didn't get the leather package to keep the cost reasonable.
  5. Is A Wrangler JL Overkill?

    Interesting at 1:19 into the video when cresting the hill there are 3 distinct fresh bumper scratches, at least 2, of which, seemed to have existed before this 1 pass.
  6. 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU Price (MSRP) Officially Released!

    Glad I bought my loaded mint 2012 JKR in 2014 with only 20K miles on it for $26K. Only 50K miles on it now. I may have to sit this one out for a while.
  7. LA Auto Show info updated.. yet missing Wrangler and Jeep Debut !

    Is the rumor true that they just pulled the plug on the JL?
  8. Ideal candidate for a lease?

    Rarely is leasing any vehicle a smart economic move. If one can only afford the total cost of a vehicle through leasing one should probably not get it if one is trying to optimize their economics. So asking about what Wrangler makes the most [economic] sense to lease, I would argue none. With...
  9. Wrangler worth paying the premium?

    Dang, I hate to let facts get in the way of a good story, but current iPhone marketshare is 12%. At 12% it is a status symbol (I own one and a Rubicon). It peaked at 23% of the smart phone market in the beginning of 2012 (same year as my Rubicon, by coincidence), when antenna problems cropped...
  10. JL Startup Vid/Soft top

    I was at a light next to a car today... when the light turned green the car engine next to me turned on to go... I thought of the JL. That JL startup sound will occur at every stop sign. I couldn't take it.

    I like the mesh in the grill... if only it were metal, but am sure it is plastic.

    Not a fan of those fenders. Everything else looks good.
  13. Need some advice on Gas vs Diesel

    The 4.10 gearing in my Rubicon with a 3.6 gas engine gives it plenty of get up and go. The automatic also works great off-road with the 4:1 gearing in 4L. My main concern for a life-long diesel Jeep would be fuel availability 10+ years out.
  14. Panel-Hardtop Theory

    I remember my parents 1970 Chevy Townsman station wagon with electric retractable window in the back tail gate. That was one heavy very thick tailgate, but could either swing open or swing down. Interesting idea for a Jeep, but I think too bulky.
  15. How will JL debut affect JK resale?

    My 2012 JKR with the new to Wrangler Pentastar needed a new left cylindar head at 22K miles, as did many others. Loving it now, but annoying scary times early on. Not being critical of the pending JL, but these things happen with new models, and this change is a little more significant than...
  16. Giving it all up for a JL

    We have a teenage only-child who is very active in sports. He mainly uses his scooter to get around. If we have to haul kids, my wife's GC is called on. My 2-door Rubi keeps me out of the child chauffeuring business, for the most part... a bonus. The 2-door is awesome to drive (a little...
  17. How will JL debut affect JK resale?

    When the completely redesigned JL with all kinds of new environmental compliance driven electrical components hits the market and is fraught with buggy electrical issues the first few years the JK may become more valuable. Many/most car models that go hi-tech experience a slew of glitches early...
  18. Video: JL Wrangler vs JK Wrangler up sand dunes

    Don't let facts get in the way of a good story.
  19. Aftermarket parts fitting both JK and JL Wrangler

    No need to overthink. Most parts will not be transferrable. Chinese firms can design new parts in about 48 hours. I'm sure the November SEMA show in Las Vegas will be swamped with JL after market parts, with the JL playing a prominent part in the show.