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  1. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Headed back up to Door Co in a week. Will need to devote the cargo area to the dog, so I picked up a Thule alpine-sized cargo box to try and make up for the lost space. Perfect size to accompany the rod vault on the roof. A very Utilitarian Vehicle!! I’d argue it’s pretty Sporty too...ha
  2. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    First excursion a success! Loved the Thule Rod Vault for keeping my fishing rods out of the way during the long drives and everything else tucked away nicely in various nooks and crannies. The road manners of the (essentially stock) Rubicon were impressive! I didn’t find myself excessively...
  3. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Wednesday is the big day! The first “real” excursion in the JLUR. Four days of fishing up in Door Co WI. Outfitted with the rod vault on the roof racks and decided to buy an alpine-sized roof top storage box too...both are narrow enough such that they can be mounted side-by-side. Frees up...
  4. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Sounds simple enough...
  5. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    I’m using the package that Hotheads puts together with Sound Assassin. I really don’t know any one product better than another but this goes on easy so far.
  6. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Got sound dampening material on about 1/3rd of the floor pan today—passenger side front and rear. The cargo area should be the easiest and then I’ll tackle the driver’s side. Surprisingly easy to remove the seats and carpeting.
  7. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Pair of KC Hilites Pro6 Gravity LED driving lights installed today. Will wire them up tomorrow! Though I had originally ordered these from Quadratec, two days ago they updated my fulfillment date to 6/29. Canceled that order and found them on Amazon, got them today.
  8. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Rod storage installed. Since it’s so narrow I’m considering a narrow cargo box for the other side of the cross bars. Downside to all this...clearance is now about an inch too much to fit into my garage. Figures!!
  9. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Installed my cross bars today and got my rod tube put together. Hope to get it mounted tomorrow. Progress every day!
  10. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Cross bars and fishing rod rack arrived today but couldn’t install because the feet for the cross bars don’t arrive until Monday. Still waiting on KC lights and dead pedal...seem to be quite delayed for some reason. In other news, I’ve also decided to freshen up my garage. I’ve got a bunch...
  11. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    I was also considering AFE’s intake...but have read a few things about it throwing a check engine light.
  12. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    I’m thinking about the Magnaflow Rock Crawler or the Street Series. I’m not sure how much aggressive crawling I’m going to be doing so the extra clearance isn’t super important...we’ll see. I’m in the western suburbs of Chicago. Are you an Illinoisan as well?
  13. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Ordered my headliner and floor pan sound deadener today as well as my roof rack cross bars and fishing rod tube. Also got my Hoist-A-Top repositioned on the garage ceiling. Friday I’ll probably order an exhaust, intake and intercooler pipe.
  14. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Accomplished a lot on the first full day of JLUR ownership: installed Mopar performance rock rails, installed Outback Adventure Trailgater, installed stubby antenna, installed ESS module (“for now”), put some plate frames on, got the carpet out of my drain plugs and installed the all weather...
  15. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Picked the Jeep up today! Looked great and drove great on the way home. Let the parts exchanges begin tomorrow morning!
  16. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Yeah the Mercedes folks weren’t really a family...maybe if you consider in-laws. Though I wasn’t hanging around the AMG guys so who knows. In other news, bought a set of the Mopar Performance Rock Rails from @PullmeSideways1341 here. Will pick them up at some point this week. Next will be...
  17. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    Ordered a couple more items today as I got word from FCA that my vehicle is now in “shipping” status and has an estimated delivery date between TODAY and 3/12. A set of KC lights and an Off-road Adventures trailgater table are on their way. Slowly checking items off my list!
  18. ‘21 JLUR “Build”—Newbie

    The first part has arrived...ha