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  1. DEF Usage

    I gent two months on a full def tank. Sucks balls
  2. Anyone towing with their Diesel?

    I drove from Houston to Oregon 2200 miles with a Uhaul trailer. Loaded up I was at about 2000-2500# I was overheating in New Mexico with steep grades and heat of 100°. I had to baby it and go really slow about 50-55 mph to keep the radiator temps before 230. If I would try and go 65 it would...
  3. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Maximus-3 / rhino rack short went on recently. Solid roof rack.
  4. Diesel Lift Kit?

    With the 37s it was around 1900-2000. With the 40s I am at 1700-1800
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Fuel mileage has always been hard to gauge with the way I drive, but I was getting 20-21 highway with the 37s. With the 40s I'm currently getting 18.5 highway. I'm also running the rcvs in the front with fad delete. So I'm sure that's draining some mpg.
  6. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I re geared to 4:56 going from 37s to 40s. I drove the jeep about a week on 37s and the 4:56 combo. Imo 4:56 is perfect for the 37s. The jeep felt stock with that gear ratio. Acceleration from a dead stop to highway speeds was great. Makes me wish I would have gone 4:88 for the 40s.
  7. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Maybe once I'm settled in Oregon. Too many side gigs currently lol
  8. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Some custom vents I designed and 3d printed for my nemesis crawler flares. Then I color matched them and added some satin black accents.
  9. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I believe that's an option. I got their ported box with my kit. So I have my original extra steering box sitting here.
  10. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Had the redneck ram installed on my rig. Night and day difference in driving habits. Wind is hardly noticeable and bumps or cracks have no affect. Steering is nice and smooth. Highly recommended.
  11. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Relocation bracket works awesome with the rear camera.
  12. Fender liners

    That looks badass! What's done is done! ha ha. I was crossing my fingers the artecs would fit without issues.
  13. Fender liners

    Thanks, I think these Artec industries and the road armor are the sexiest ones out there right now.,
  14. Fender liners

    I went with artec industries and had no fitment issues with the reservoir.
  15. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I did have the AC on but I always do and this is the first time it's ever done it. My AC blows super cold, but when I changed to a bestop sunrider I can tell it gets way hotter inside now. I need to turn it up higher than normal.
  16. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    I remember reading someone saying that their fans were really loud to where they could hear them. Today I had it happen to me, I could hear a loud humming and it turned out to be the fans being on full blast. Engine temperature was normal I'm not sure what's going on. No service engine light.
  17. 3.0D What’s your hand calculated DIESEL mileage?

    I have not got on it because I can't. So I've been driving it like a grandpa and still 18 is the best it can get. That's pretty good in my book.
  18. 3.0D What’s your hand calculated DIESEL mileage?

    Just re geared to 4:56 waiting on 40s. Been driving it around with the 37s and currently getting 18 mpg avg. 90% highway driving. It drives awesome with this gear ratio and 37s. Starting to think I should of went 4:88s for the 40s. But I wanted it to stay as strong as possible. I've been...