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  1. Arizona 2021 JL Rubicon (Manual) - Only 1500 miles - Both Tops - $45K

    Here is a very low mileage 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with the 6-speed manual transmission. It only less than 1500 miles on it from new. It comes with both the Sunrider soft top and the hard top. Condition is as expected for such a low mileage vehicle. It also has a $1100 Mopar LED...
  2. Clutch recall and fix question

    Latecomer to this thread, but I call BS on Jeep's software "update". I traded a 2017 Wrangler Sport for a 2021 Wrangler Rubicon. Both 2-door and manual transmission. WIth the 2021, I have stalled it several times on take-off where the 2017 was a stump-puller off the line. The deficit is very...
  3. Installation bolt seizing on new skidplate installation.

    Years ago, I decided to install a 1/4" steel skid plate on my newish Jeep JK Rubicon. I bought the part from 4WD Parts in Arizona. When I got home and proceeded to install it, I noticed that while all the bolt holes lined up...the skid plate was warped about 1/4" above 2 of the bolt holes. I...
  4. Arizona 2021 Jeep Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top (2-Door) - $1000

    Here is a like-new convertible soft top with the Sunrider feature from my 2021 Jeep Wrangler (2-Door). It only was used on my Jeep for only a few months while 100% garaged while not in use. The plastic windows were cleaned only once with lots of water and a microfiber cloth. Hence, they are...
  5. Expected hardtop delivery times?

    Good suggestion. They wouldn't match the dealer cuz their pricing was not posted. However, they did match a low priced retailer. It was $200 more than my dealer overall, but I saved maybe 3 months wait. So, I jumped. Expect it next week. Now, I just have to mount it.
  6. Expected hardtop delivery times?

    My 2021 Rubi has only a sunrider top and I want a hardtop. So far, I have two options. Go thru the dealer and wait a minimum of 3 months. Price is $3100 (hardtop, wiring kit & tax) or go thru Quadratec and have one in a week. Price there is $3600. I prefer to go thru the dealer to have them...
  7. Arizona Jeep OEM Halogen Headlights/Foglights + 2 Sets Beamtech Bulbs - $75

    Here are some low-mileage take-offs from a 2021 Jeep Rubicon (~800 miles). Not interested in partial sales or shipping.
  8. How did you physically secure your Tazer module?

    I put mine in a thick sock and zip-tied it to that metal cross brace below the steering wheel. Any better ideas?
  9. OEM LED Headlight Install: Tazer vs Dealer Flash?

    I am installing some new Mopar OEM LED Headlights/Foglights and will probably need to have my vehicle CPU reflashed to accept them. The dealer wants $150 for a complete reflash and that's almost halfway towards a Tazer Mini which would also allow me to unlatch the autostart disable function...
  10. Anyone use Beamtech H13, 10k lumen hi/lo 9008 bulb in Halogen housing

    OK. I found out one of the assembly (not adjustment) screws had backed out. I tighted it back up and it seemed to remove most of the wiggle.
  11. OEM Headlight Bulb Upgrade to Beamtech LEDs

    After a few months, I have a concerning update with my 8500 lumen Beamtech bulbs: Although I have not had any reliability issues with my Beamtech bulbs in very light use after a few months, the bulb has become somewhat loose in the reflector socket. I don't know if either the plastic from the...
  12. Anyone get the Y01 update on their Wrangler?

    A test ride will not show you anything especially if it detunes "under extreme circumstances". What I wonder is what defines that condition and how exactly does the engine management system determine that situation? Plus, how much is the detune? 100HP reduction? Finally, off-roading does...
  13. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    You may want to think twice, then. There are times when it's just gutless. If no flash (re)upgrade can be made...this slug may be kicked to the curb.
  14. Anyone get the Y01 update on their Wrangler?

    I just purchased a 2021 Rubicon (2-door) with the manual transmission. I just traded my 2017 Sport and am aghast how gutless my new JL is. I understand the new software "update" (Y01) supposedly detunes the engine under certain conditions related to clutch degradation. Well...those certain...
  15. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    I picked up a 2021 JL Rubicon (2-Door) with a 6-spd manual transmission after it sat in a staging area for several weeks. Apparently, there was a Recall (W12 or Y01) that said all JL models like mine needed the fuel injection to be remapped as there were apparently clutch wear issues with the...
  16. Competition from Bronco = better deals for Wrangler?

    That's what I hoped for, but didn't happen before I just bought my 2021 Rubicon. Plus, you can't get a manual in the V6 models. So, a Bronco was a no-goer...especially since I don't want a turbo engine in a Jeep-like vehicle.
  17. Buyers remorse?

    Man, I went to school in Lubbock and I know about the wind. Same here on the hardtop, but I wanted a rare Wrangler and had to take what I could. Looking for a used hardtop, but may have to fork over $3500 for a new one.
  18. Buyers remorse?

    Old thread, but here goes: The Wrangler is like wearing hiking boots wherever you go. They look great and are so versatile, but once the novelty wears off...they're just clumsy, gas-guzzling toys. Sure the off-roading is awesome, but day to day driving? Nah. Mine just stays in the garage...
  19. Rear diff oil

    Not a perfect test as the clutch plates in an LSD technically won't engage until there's a bit of torque applied to the axle from the engine.