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  1. Virginia 5 2018 JL Rubicon Tires and Fuel Boost Wheels for sale

    No problem. Thanks for letting me know. I "think" they are sold.
  2. Virginia 5 2018 JL Rubicon Tires and Fuel Boost Wheels for sale

    Sorry they are so dirty. Probably should wash my jeep more often.
  3. Virginia 5 2018 JL Rubicon Tires and Fuel Boost Wheels for sale

    Sorry trying to send photos. Not sure how to attach them...
  4. Virginia 5 2018 JL Rubicon Tires and Fuel Boost Wheels for sale

    Hi, I would have to find out from the guys who are changing them if they will separate them. Which part are you interested in?
  5. Virginia Sold: 5 2018 JL Rubicon Tires and Fuel Boost Wheels for sale

    I am replacing my 17" Fuel Boost offset wheels and stock JLUR tires with new bigger ones (bigger is better right?). Tires have about 22k miles on them, almost all easy road miles commuting to work. Loved the Boost wheels, but neighbor bought the same ones, so I'm replacing with something new...
  6. Rattle sound on bumps from rear door plastic softop frame pieces

    Same here. Only on one side. I will be taking it back to dealership to adjust or correct. I will also reach out to Jeep Cares to document.
  7. TPMS Sensors not working after new Fuel wheels

    Thank you all for the tips! I will definitely reach out to the dealer tomorrow and talk to the service manager and if necessary, the dealership general manager. At the end of the day, all I want is what I paid for, and you are all correct, so far, they have not delivered. I'll update here after...
  8. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    Love my lights! Got them installed last week. They wired them through the winch guard tubing. I love how clean the install is, without any visible wires. Lit up the soccer field in my neighborhood the other night just trying them out. They are crazy bright. I love the jeep caps, wish they had...
  9. TPMS Sensors not working after new Fuel wheels

    I know! I have seen the prices online, and I am beyond pissed off about what they charged me, but it is what it is. They totally took advantage of my not having a clue about the whole wheels switch out. Of course, I promptly sold my stock wheels with the sensor attached (or so I assume, since I...
  10. TPMS Sensors not working after new Fuel wheels

    So, I got my JLUR at the beginning of May. I took weeks to choose new wheels. Decided to keep my stock 33s since this whole little "makeover" was adding up by the hundreds. I overpaid by A LOT (probably almost double what I could have ordered them for myself) to get the wheels from the dealer...
  11. Premium Softtop Rear Window Issue

    Huh. I just assumed it was air pressure needing to be released. Mine does the same thing. Chalk it up to design flaw.
  12. Premium Softtop Rear Window Issue

    Same here. I suspect its caused by the top and door windows being open and the wind needing somewhere to outlet.
  13. Soft top window storage

    Extreme J116797 - Smittybilt Soft Top Storage Bag (87-18 Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Item #: J116797 $72.99 Here's the thing. The description originally said it would fit the JL. I initially called them to tell them that it did not fit the back window, but then I decided something is...
  14. Soft top window storage

    Ok. Here are some photos. Not the best because it's harder than I expected to take photos while actually taking off the windows since I'm trying to do this on my own. On a side note, I've gotten really good at taking off and putting on the windows since I got the bag. I'm sorry if I didn't get...
  15. Soft top window storage

    If the rain holds off today, I'll take the windows off and take photos. But will definitely post as soon as weather cooperates.
  16. Soft top window storage

    So, I bought the Smittybuilt bag. It fits the side windows beautifully. Plenty of depth in the bag for the corner supports, and really nice felt between the layers. The back window does have the be folded, so I remove the tailgate bar and I use a cut pool noodle with a felt wrap around it in the...
  17. SOLD! 5 JLUR Upgraded Wheels (wheels only) NoVA

    SOLD! FS - 5 Upgraded JLUR Black and Silver Wheels (wheels only). 1500 miles on the wheels. $450 OBO I assume sensors are still attached since I had to buy new ones when dealer changed to the new wheels. Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.