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  1. Equity in buying my lease?

    Lol. This has gone a little off path. I guess my question is this: Is my JLR worth more then $41k if I posted for sale? I’m guessing no, but the market is really weird right now
  2. Equity in buying my lease?

    My lease is through a credit union, not FCA, I was just wondering if there was any money to be made if I bought it, drove for a few months while waiting for my JT, then sold. I see wild asking prices on used JLRs so I was just wondering if it might fetch over $41k if I sold it.
  3. Equity in buying my lease?

    Wondering if buying my lease would be beneficial to me and net me any equity, you guys tell me. I’ll be ordering a 2022 JT when the order banks open. My lease is up in a few months and I’ll owe $37k, $41,xxx after tax. 2018 JLUR sting-gray Options: Body color roof Body color fenders Remote...
  4. Engine coolant level?

    Yes I did, both
  5. Engine coolant level?

    Went to dealer, they only had concentrate, so I bought and diluted exactly 50/50, yet it looked purple compared to my pink reservoir. Is that ok? I threw it in regardless only because I needed so little. Probably only added 10-12oz or so. (Still have a lot of the mixed solution in that jug...
  6. Engine coolant level?

    Is this the right one: Mopar 10 Year/150,000 Mile Coolant 50/50 Premixed
  7. Engine coolant level?

    Which part # coolant did u use?
  8. Engine coolant level?

    Noticed while cleaning my rubicon today, my coolant level is low, below the MIN line and below the seam in the tank, like many others in here. Runs fine, never had an issue, 2018 19k miles. Is this just a common thing from the factory? I’m thinking of just adding some, don’t feel like having...
  9. Charger red push button start

    Anyone tried this yet?
  10. When’s the Refresh coming?

    I think just an interior update, wheel update, maybe tail light or trim update would be great
  11. When’s the Refresh coming?

    With all of this Bronco news and hype, has me wondering...when will we see a mid cycle refresh for the JL to swing some momentum back into Jeeps court? I’m hoping the end of next summer as a 2022? Anyone?
  12. New York Sold: Apple AirPods Pro

  13. New York 2019 Sahara 18” Take off Wheels/tires

    Brand new less then 50 miles. No TPMS included. Located in Suffolk county, Long Island $700
  14. Just Installed a Fox 2.0 Steering Stabilizer

    How does this differ from the original fox stabilizer that’s only like $130 bucks? This new one looks to be $350+
  15. Center Console Cover

    Any updates on these? There seems to be a ton of “JL” ones now. Anyone have any good reviews on some?

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but what oil does Chrysler fill the JL with at the dealerships when they do oil changes? Pennzoil? And does anyone know if the MO-349 filter at Walmart is the same as the dealership? Or is it a cheap knock off ? I know the old style screw on mopar filters...
  17. Take of premium Rubicon wheels and tires Washington/Oregon

    Free shipping:whatsgoingon::angel: