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  1. TFL Tommy talks... Do I Regret Buying My Brand New Jeep Wrangler After Living With The New Ford Bronco For a Week?

    Yeah, this is a 2-door thing. I sorely miss that part going from JL to JLU, but if they went flat, they wouldn’t allow the seats to sit flat when folded down for cargo. It would be cool if it had 3 settings—100% up for rear occupants, 50% down for flat cargo and 100% down for rear visibility...
  2. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    Fair point. I could have probably used another, more expensive hobby, but the principal tends to apply throughout. True that. I also like to apply ‘I work too hard to not but nice things for myself’
  3. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    Someone mentioned it earlier, but I see a lot of people in here suffering from FOMO. This happens a lot in the PC building community, too. Something new is always around the corner, so you could end up in this endless cycle of ‘holding out just a little longer’. Theres a couple of features the...
  4. Tailgate Table - compare

    I’ve had the RC table on mine for a couple months now and have absolutely no complaints. It handled the 3 straight days of wheeling and the 1500+ miles I’ve put on the Jeep since having it installed. It has even held up to a couple of rain showers (had Jeep in safari mode and got some...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put on some vent decals yesterday. Took longer than I expected, but that’s par for the course. Still doing the small stuff. Still pinching pennies here and there to try and get a lift.
  6. Trektop Halftop

    Thank you for this! This is pretty much what I’m looking for. Going to do some more digging, but this hits the nail square on the head.
  7. Help deciding on first mods

    I think you could find the Rubicon suspension take offs for around $200 or less. You could likely find a deal on tires (and the wheels if like the Rubicon styled ones) on FB as well. May be harder since 18s are a little less common.
  8. Trektop Halftop

    Does the accessory kit work with an OEM soft top? Looking for a tonneau / rear window solution while running in safari mode.
  9. Finding some differences....and getting frustrated.

    What’s your footwell look like? I installed the dead pedal in my 2021, but wondering why that area would be different. There’s this thread about the center console difference (I think it’s due to the front trail cam).
  10. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    Sunrider + rear window only sounds like the weirdest way to run it. I wish running it with just the side windows (and rear removed) was viable.
  11. Factory Ordering a Sport S, What Should I Cut?

    Keep the stuff you want and is too much of a pain to add later. I.e. for you that would be safety group and proximity entry. You can buy half doors, the bigger infotainment, and even remote start, but it sounds like half doors may be worth it for you up front since the cost difference to add...
  12. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    I loved my two-door Willys, and only went Rubicon because we needed a 4-door and the price differences a few months ago for what I wanted in a Willys vs a Rubicon was negligible in my eyes.…well at least worth the extra for peace of mind on what the Rubicon offered me. I love my Rubicon, but...
  13. 2022 Models - Press Release Dates

    I had a KL Cherokee in Hydro Blue and that was a gorgeous color. You guys are gonna love it…it’ll look especially good with the 392 accents or with all the black contrast of the Willys or Sahara HA trims. (IMO) it looks slightly off with any silver in the mix.
  14. Is Soft Top Lack of Security a Farce?

    Had someone steal change from my center console in the two door hard top because I left the doors unlocked, but no incidents with my JLUR with soft top. I’ve always heard that I should be afraid of my top being slashed, but fingers crossed it remains a non-issue.
  15. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    Had a pretty intense (to me) incident with a biker on the way back from a backpacking trip in my 2-door. Can’t say fully unprovoked, but I was cut off so that he could make a last second exit—after 3 days of backpacking and 3 hours into my 5 hour drive back home, I was exhausted and his action...
  16. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    I’m personally a hand wash type of guy. Sometimes I’ll use a self-service wash in a pinch. I don’t trust any non-touchless car washes to not leave swirl marks in the paint. I’m apparently perfectly capable of that on my own 🙃. The soft top makes washing easier because less paint to clean. I...
  17. Soft Top Lovers Club- Tips and Tricks

    I was super against the soft top on my two-door, but when looking for my JLUR, I wanted to test drive it to check out the noise and to really see how annoying the rear window removal was. The rear window still isn’t as convenient as my hard top, but that’s to be expected. It still wasn’t as...
  18. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    I don’t care for them, but I’ll still give ya a wave. Who am I to tell you how to spend your money? As long as you don’t try to squat a Jeep, I think we can all be friends 🤗.
  19. 4xe and Anti-Spin Rear Differential

    It seemed to be awesome in my Willys, but I would say to do your research on the LSD issues. If you’re going Rubicon, it’s a non-factor, but there was enough people with reported issues on the LSD D44 that made me nervous about it. Didn’t help that with the 34’s I had on my Willys, I was...
  20. No Squatting JL's in NC

    Pretty much this. I grew up in a small town in NC, 5 minutes from the SC border and it was usually old GM/Chevys. Now in the triangle area and our complex has a squatted K1500 🙃. I would say I feel bad for them, but he's done a few things already that changed my mind. I hope he fixes it or...