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  1. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    It’ll do great! Sure a lot of fun hitting the dunes and the beach!
  2. Aux Switches Temp Unavailable warning

    This same event occurred to me. Genesis dual battery set up. On the odyssey charger with at 100% charge in battery maintaining mode. Disconnected and started up and got that message. Haven’t seen it since. I chalked it up to the whole stupid Uconnect / ESS system. I’ve had my IBS replaced...
  3. Outback Adventure Tailgater table -- Increased cabin buffeting/noise?

    I’ve had it on for about 7000 miles. Like it a lot. I did notice that I got a lot of internal dust from trails entering my jeep through the tailgate vents even though the table comes with an insulated foam seal. So I did add more insulation behind the table and that has reduced dust from...
  4. Who else has broken the hardtop wiring harness bracket?

    Yep... it’s a POC engineering marvel. Decided that replacing it with the same junk was a dumb idea.
  5. My Sting Gray 2021 JLUR

    Congratulations. I was exactly where you are in 2018. Sting Gray is a great choice! Cheers to you for many amazing days of driving the dream!
  6. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Just finished trip number 6 to the dealer in the last 2 months. And the Jeep is supposedly fixed although I’m not holding my breath. We will see how things shake out in the several weeks. If things still are working I’ll then go ahead and pot the front an rear sensors. FYI here’s the work...
  7. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Got a new rear axle installed today to "fix" the faulty locker sensor issues. Did it fix the problem....NOPE. The dealer says the next step recommended by FCA is to replace "the module". I found the wiring diagram and can see what it’s suppose to do but... Were is the control module located?
  8. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    I would be curious about where those loose wire connectors are located...
  9. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    4 Axles! Unbelievable. I can totally imagine it happening but OMG, that’s terrible. You have never had any issues with your front axle? It’s Just plain wrong. Thats quite the mud pit your TJ found! Ha! Thanks for sharing those snaps.
  10. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Again, solid advice. On a side note.... I did disconnect both the locker harnesses per your advice about a month ago when this started. I did remove z-lockers and plugged back in the original harnesses the day of my first service appointment to deal with this issue. There were no chimes /...
  11. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Thank you! I really appreciate your encouragement. Im new to 4x4ing and the Jeep community as of April 2018. My 2018 JLU was a lifetime dream of mine and I’ve enjoyed wheeling it off road in the local coastal sand dunes, eastern OR desert, around Death Valley and recently a 5000 mile CO, UT...
  12. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Thanks for your input on this issue. I know you’ve been a valuable resource for many of us through your posting. My service warnings and chimes and off road pages originally indicated that both rear and front lockers were engaged while driving at 65 mph in 2H. I ordered the Z-locker and...
  13. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    I’m just starting on my “obligatory” 3 month projected wait time for a rear axle replacement. After reading all of the posts I’m not convinced that once this new rear axle is installed it will actually fix the problem. There seems to be a few different combinations of things replaced I...
  14. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Very nice looking SG! What lift / size do you have on her?
  15. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Geez. This is a bummer for sure. I have tried the z-lockers with no success... I disconnected everything for the past week. Yesterday before I took my Jeep to the dealer to start “the process”, I plugged the original harnesses back in. And of course... everything worked fine. . There were...
  16. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    So... just to be clear... are your saying that after both axles were replaced the dash lights / off road pages are still messed up?
  17. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    I’m headed in to the dealer to surrender my JLUR tomorrow morning. I’m 2 Z-lockers into it and although they seemed to fix things for a day or so I’m now listening to message bells chiming and looking at service lights glowing and my off road pages showing full locked up axles while driving in...
  18. Rear Axle Replace on Rubicon for Flashing Locker Light

    Ive have purchased and installed 2 zlocker harnesses. Front and Rear. My service lockers lights / icons / messages all were corrected. All lockers work as expected and dash / off-road pages work as original. All was fine forvabout 2 weeks until tonight. I was backing out of my driveway...
  19. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Follow Up Report.... Installed BOTH front and rear OEM Z-Locker harnesses. The Dash service locker warning icons, the flashing locker switch light and the Service Lockers message all turned off... Rear & Rear/Front Lockers appear to engage and disengage and function as they should. Offroad...
  20. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    My 2nd harness won’t arrive for a couple days. Let me know how yours turns out. I love my Jeep but I can do with out all it’s FCA electronic junk.