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  1. Topsy Lift thread

    Last question, is that a quick link in between the Topsy straps and the RR eyebolts?
  2. Racor Hoist System

    Exactly, if anything this solution distributes the weight better than the Topsy brackets and strap.
  3. Racor Hoist System

    I found another thread that is using a second set of the short straps and a set of eyebolts on the rack. #277 Using the extra straps to eyebolts solves your first problem and the eyebolts can be adjusted to balance the CG.
  4. Topsy Lift thread

    I assume those are the RR eyebolts and 2 additional short Topsy straps?
  5. Racor Hoist System

    Has anyone with a Racor used it to lift the top with a RhinoRack Backbone and Pioneer Platform installed? Added weight is about 90 pounds. I have the metal Topsy cams.
  6. 8.4" Uconnect issues 2 years later...

    Maybe, I'll have to check the battery state in the morning. 12.5 volts not running it technically 90% charged, so it's not like it's really even hitting low.
  7. 8.4" Uconnect issues 2 years later...

    Mine has yet to ask me or indicate that the update is "available" to run. The previous OTA update I got in July 2018 I had to initiate. I have an appointment for next Friday, and to look at the steering box TSB. I did the steering stabilizer TSB a while ago when it first hit.
  8. 8.4" Uconnect issues 2 years later...

    I got my 2018 JLUR in June 2018 with the 8.4" Unconnect. Over the first 2 and half years I didn't have any issues with it other than occasionally not having the backup guides or an ultra rare reboot while driving. Then in early December I parked my Jeep for the winter with a battery tender on...
  9. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    @timize I forgot to ask, did you have XM preset issues on 34.2?
  10. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    My 2018 is still on 21.1, I found most of the updates to run it, but I'd prefer if there were more officially supported documented steps from Jeep.
  11. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Has anyone figured out if there is an officially supported way to get Connect 8.4 UAQ updates? Beyond what is available if you put your vin in? I'd REALLY love to move to the Media button instead of having separate radio and media.
  12. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Never Armorall... ever... on anything 😉
  13. 8.4 USB Update

    @LanceM according to your profile you have a 2018. So you're implying it's possible to update an 8.4 from a 2018 to more or less the latest software? I'd like to get away from the separate "radio" and "media" apps in my 2018.
  14. GMRS explanation for those who are new to it.

    This video about GRMS is at the very least important to understand. TL;DR it's not legal to use a UV-5R for transmitting on GMRS frequencies even if you have a ham license and a GMRS license.
  15. Wiring Nerd Thread

    Share your knowledge and photos of your wiring install successes and failures. (Example; how you wired your onboard air, winch, aux switches, accessory lights, etc.) Or if you already did a build thread share your link and some photos of the finished result.
  16. Fire Extinguisher...Element or ColdFire?

    I was wrong about the seat rail mount being made by Ace. I was thinking of the one that is made by Maximus 3, except theirs isn't a seat rail mount. Theirs bolts in above the door to the roll bar, similar to the Element one shown above that is attached with Velcro. Personally I like the idea of...
  17. Fire Extinguisher...Element or ColdFire?

    Last I looked, the E50 will fit into a Maglite flashlight mount. I think Ace Engineering makes one that mounts not he drivers seat rail between the door and the seat.
  18. Fire Extinguisher...Element or ColdFire?

    Food for thought. Put a BlazeCut T200E under the hood.