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  1. best oil filter for 2.0 turbo?

    hey man i appreciate any info. that seems pretty thorough to me lol. i'll take that into consideration. thanks again.
  2. best oil filter for 2.0 turbo?

    yeah most people are using mobil 1 which is what i'll probably go with. but there is a lot of aftermarket stuff other ppl are using on other parts of the engine i was just wondering what the general consensus was about using the OEM filter or an aftermarket. if aftermarket which brand i should...
  3. best oil filter for 2.0 turbo?

    getting ready for first oil change. best aftermarket oil filter, or mopar? first oil change is coming up. i'll either be using mobil 1, or amazon synthetic.
  4. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    i only got mine a couple of days ago, and it's still factory, but i get compliments everywhere i go on the color. i love it. one of the most beautiful colors i've ever seen on a vehicle.
  5. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    antioch here. just picked up my 2020 sport s with the 2.0 yesterday. looking forward to being involved with the forum. =D
  6. classic tube style bumper with winch plate?

    i'd like to avoid any cutting/drilling unless absolutely required. i've looked on quadratec, 4wd, extremeterrain, amazon to no avail. i found several winch mounts, just none to go with the tube bumpers. anyway, hopefully someone knows a secret squirrel website or something. any info at all is...
  7. classic tube style bumper with winch plate?

    so i used to have a 2012 wrangler with a rugged ridge classic tube style bumper with a winch plate included. amazon link below. i've been looking around to find something similar for my 2020 JL but...