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  1. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    I of course do not know which models this option comes with. If you look at the Jeep Wrangler Brochure Page 24 (shown below) you will see it. Maybe your dealer can help you figure out if you have the feature or not.
  2. Louisiana Sahara wheels/tires takeoffs with TPMS

    Selling the stock Sahara set complete with Chrome lugs w/ locks and key for $800. 4 tires have 350 miles on them and one has 0 miles. Willing to meet to exchange or buyer pays shipping.
  3. Am I Crazy... 11% under invoice

    Why did you opt for the premium top? I ask because it was explained to me that it was a nobrainer to get the premium top on Jk and earlier Jeeps but the new redesigned top is a better material than before and is much more pliable. Is there something else?
  4. Wheel & Tire weight

    Ok so I had to do some digging which is why I originally asked thinking someone already did the research. But here is what I came up with Wheel Ultra Apocalypse 236 + 33 x 12.5 BFG KO2 (E) The 18” setup above is 36 + 62.48 = 98lbs The 20” setup above is 43 + 62.41 = 105lbs This of course is...
  5. Wheel & Tire weight

    We have all seen the hype, 20” wheels are for mall crawlers. My question is based more on scientific data vs personal preference. Is the overall weight heavier with a 35” tire on a 17” wheel vs the same model tire on a 20” wheel? Which is less rotating mass for less strain on components. I ask...
  6. Florida OEM LED Fender+fogs, MoriMoto Leds, Rubi Rails, RC BB

    I will take the MoriMoto sequentials! PM me payment info. I will need them shipped to 70769
  7. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    19 Bikini Pearl JLJP “Calypso” Ordered 4/16 Received VON 4/17 Received VIN 4/22 Build date 4/27 Build Sheet 4/29 Window Sticker 4/30 Arrived at Dealer 5/14 Picked Up 5/16 Changed out the dancing shoes to hiking boots 5/22
  8. Map of dealers with competitive pricing

    Ok so I just placed my order from Bergeron Jeep (Jeffrey Horn) in Metairie, LA. The break out of pricing was I paid invoice(FWP) minus holdback and minus $500 military rebate. This comes to about 3.8% under invoice which is fantastic for a New Orleans dealer and ok compared to the rest of the...
  9. Morimoto 7" headlight adapter first look and install + Super7 Bi-LED

    What about the light output of the new lights?? Anyone have before and after pics sitting in the driver seat looking on the road?
  10. 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door JLU ORDER GUIDE and PRICING (U.S.)

    I too am in Baton Rouge and have put all of the local dealers through the ringer only to end up no where close to what Kim @ Superior or Neil @ Demontrond are giving. The problem with those two dealers is they are non-responsive! To finish up, I had about 5% under invoice offered at Courtesy...
  11. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    Not sure what year they started but the new JL has an interior Ultrasonic sensor to trigger the alarm if motion is detected inside the cabin. In short, always arm the system by using the lock button on your key fob! Yes I know the honking horn sound does not grab everyone's attention anymore...
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    I emailed Neil on March 1st to which he responded the same day. I responded immediately, called his cell and office numbers and left multiple messages and I have not heard anything since March 1st. I emailed him from multiple different addresses as well to see if it was a SPAM filter issue. If...
  13. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    I was emailing Neil the first week of March. He asked what color interior and if cloth or leather and then did not respond after I answered. I just sent another message to him to see what I get now.
  14. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    Thank you! Yes this is the wife’s vehicle and she bounced back and forth on the color she wanted and then from way left field she chose Bikini Pearl. But as for the dealer, you can see how I responded. I am out of town currently but plan to show up Friday and hopefully they will write it on paper.
  15. Thoughts on pricing for 19 JLU Sahara

    I am looking to order a vehicle with this configuration. Mainly I have to order because this configuration is not found on any dealer lot within 500 miles. I have called and left VM for Kim @Superior (Conway,AR) and emailed numerous times and have not been able to get any reply. So is this a...