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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    Anyone know of any dealers offering better than 5% under invoice on a 392 order? I know Chapman is doing the 5% but they're on the other side of the country and shipping would eat up $1-2k of the savings.
  2. To "Half Doors or not to Half Doors, THAT is the question?"

    I wonder what happens on a lease if you sell the half doors. Do they even ask about them when you turn in the car? In theory you’d be paying like 25-35% of the cost to add them to the car since the residuals are high, then you could sell them for $4k or so and pocket the difference.
  3. Lease numbers not adding up

    You are also MUCH better off with a lower residual value lease if the payments are similar. A high residual/high interest rate lease means that your buyout price will be much higher at all times and hardly any of the payment will go towards principal.
  4. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    Looks like PenFed is no longer part of Bonus Drive? Doesn't come up on the search list on the BonusDrive website and the PenFed site link I found on google no longer works...
  5. 4xe Sahara lease special on Jeep website @ $249/month $4k down?

    You can do better than the website deal. I am ordering a Rubicon 4xe with $59.5k sticker and it will be ~$395/month with nothing paid up front except the first payment, all taxes and fees rolled into the lease and that includes 8.375% tax rate. PM me if you want the sales guy's info, he's...
  6. Discounts on 392s...

    I see a few on Autotrader with $3-8k discounts. Haven't called on any of them yet, but was curious to see who has been getting discounts on either ordered or off-the-lot cars and how much?
  7. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    I left the car at the dealer to see if they could either fix it or get it fixed as a warranty claim, but they said they won't be able to get to it until Wednesday. I also called Jeep Cares to complain about it because personally I think it's ridiculous. Asked them to switch out my soft top for...
  8. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    How exactly would I know to educate myself that the soft top can shrink? I read a lot of posts on this forum before I even bought it and didn't see it mentioned anywhere. As a consumer, you would expect to be able to buy a brand new car and not have to worry about whether you can put the top...
  9. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    As a first-time Jeep owner, it's still a problem for me since I had no idea. Have no experience with prior generations of Wranglers. Would have been nice to get an explanation or warning from the dealer about this, they just took the windows off, put the top down, and sent me on my way.
  10. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    Thanks for the info from the manual, I had no idea and I find it pretty concerning that the techs at the dealer really had no clue either. If I had known this was a problem, I would have just opted for the hard top. It's nice being able to put the top up and down easily with the soft top, but...
  11. Need help on 2018 Sahara lease

    Never put money down on a lease
  12. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    I probably should have mentioned that I live in Las Vegas. It doesn't get that cold here either, lowest temp is about 35 degrees.
  13. Premium Soft Top Shrank? WTH?

    I leased a JL with premium soft top back in August and they took the windows off/top down while at the dealer, and then I never put them back on because the weather was nice. It's finally cold outside and when I went to put the windows back on,, I couldn't get them to lock in. Either the...
  14. Best deals found on a new JL?

    You paid $53k new and want $53k with 6400 miles on it?
  15. Anyone interested in lease takeover? $39k MSRP, $368/mo with tax

    Not sure if this is allowed in this section, but I am considering letting someone take over my lease so I can buy a Rubicon and get to modding! Really love the car even more than I thought I would and seeing everyone with their modded JL's is making me jealous. Details: Location = Las...
  16. Signed lease - $39k MSRP $368/mo with $0 due at signing

    The interest rate and residual value are both high with Wrangler leases....which means the residual is great for having a low lease payment, but bad for buyout cost. I don't plan on buying it at the end of the lease, so it doesn't really matter to me.
  17. Leasing a Rubicon

    So you pay them $23k and at the end of the lease you’ve only paid off $12k? Nah.
  18. Signed lease - $39k MSRP $368/mo with $0 due at signing

    What’s the money factor this month?
  19. Signed lease - $39k MSRP $368/mo with $0 due at signing

    Just call and tell them you want 13% off MSRP with no add-on fees or additional equipment. They'll probably come back with 11.5% and the $299 GPS bullshit thing. It does look like they edited the website though, they were showing 10% off everything in stock last week, now the advertised...
  20. Signed lease - $39k MSRP $368/mo with $0 due at signing

    I have another car and only drive about 10k miles a year combined between the two, mileage isn't an issue. I was actually hoping they'd have a 7500 mile lease but 10k was the minimum...I'll go out on a limb and say that some people drive less than 10k miles/year.