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  1. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I buy a cooler that serves my purpose. New age all seem ok to me...
  2. Help I am in Aurora Colorado for 2 weeks with my Jeep and 2 PWC and I need a buddy that can show me the trails and ride the PWC any day anytime..

    Yep Alabama long way to drive but it’s well worth it in Georgetown now on a train ride is absolutely beautiful thanks for all the suggestions and I can’t wait and I already discovered altitude in a bottle I thought I had asthma
  3. Punk'n vs Bikini

    Man that Bikini 2 door Jeep with Tan Top and Saddle Leather... I would take full advantage of JEEP's 0 incentives and no payment for 120 days and get the color you want. -I am tired of this color now and its only been 2 years - I love modding my Jeep now but really rather spend the money on my...
  4. Shorten OEM Antenna

    Shorty works OK and looks great, but you just undid what JEEP had in mind for the tall help you in parking in garages with low clearances and to sweep branches away on the trail.
  5. Water streaming into cabin when opening door

    The tiny hole gets drilled from the bottom of the channel on each corner. - 1 front left and 1 front right -1 rear left and 1 rear right The 4 holes seem to help drain with suction before the channel fills with water and the JEEP's raked front end seems to make the water drain when you open the...
  6. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    I bet his fuses under the hood came loose and the Main ground wire to frame needs to be scraped to metal and tighten back down. Maybe?
  7. Wrangler / Rubicon fitting into the garage question

    If you want to get at least two more inches or more clearance don't use the electric to open the garage, pull the lever that releases the door and roll it up half way manually it should stay put. If it wants to roll back down then go to the right top of each door and put a ratchet and socket...
  8. Wrangler / Rubicon fitting into the garage question

    Looks like you need to keep the OEM extremely long antenna on instead of a 6'' antenna. Its so long that it will let you know when you have enough clearance going in garages.
  9. Traded the 2dr Rubicon

    I could not trade my Jeeps for a JT, but I did buy a 2020 JT sport in hydro Blue Pearl that the dealer about gave it to me... I learned from my JLUR that you can buy almost brand new full Rubicon OEM parts from the JL/JT forums for sale and do the swap yourself to make your JT sport look and...
  10. Dash painting project - opinions and tips welcomed

    So I went to the local dealer for an oil change with the 2018 sport s and took a test drive on a 2020 Sahara fully loaded. Got a great OTD price and then I threw in I want to see about trading in my 2018 Sport S. Takes it for a test drive and comes back and says I can only give you $24,000 for...
  11. Dash painting project - opinions and tips welcomed

    Well I tried to paint the Sport S dash to look like My Rubicon Red dash with a light scuff with 2000 sandpaper, Aluminium Spray can as a base and then this The red color was 98% match to the OEM...
  12. North Carolina SOLD!!! Red Rubion Dash panels New Take offs

    What was the part number for all leather dash and trim?
  13. JL - 2 door diecast models (toys) now on eBAY

    The one I have at work is a 2 door black. On the bottom it states: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon FCA US LLC KT5412 Scale 1/34 KINSMART Made in China As does the rest with different KT# You roll them back and they spring forward and roll a good ways. really cool some plastic and metal. Good design...
  14. JL - 2 door diecast models (toys) now on eBAY

    Did not read the whole thread but I found 2 door and 4 door in all colors the exact ones from EB at CVS and Walgreens, and Dollar General and some truck stop gas stations. You find one you can always order you paint code and tape off the stickers Rubicon to match yours. I got for $5 each. They...
  15. Chapter closing

    Best of luck and I hope you don't mind but the bottom picture is now my favorite desktop background on all my devices. Best picture shot I have seen. Thanks.
  16. Alabama Upgraded Rubicon Pulloffs $1100- sold

    I will buy now if the other deal falls thru. In Alabama close to you.
  17. Georgia Injen Evolution 5005C CAI for sale

    Still for sale? How would you rate it.