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  1. California 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara JL 12k mile with $11k upgrade still under Mopar Max Care $55000

    I am the first owner, clean title with no accident. I only took it to light off-road one time. It only has less than 12k miles with over $11000 parts upgrade. Car already has new the steel gear box which replaced by dealer under TSB 08-003-21, huge improvement on handling. I purchased Mopar Max...
  2. California Brand new steel steering gear and install hardware

    It is easy to install, properly about 2 hours. But recommend to have dealer update the software after
  3. California Brand new steel steering gear and install hardware

    I ordered it from All Mopar Parts and was going on install it, but somehow I finally convinced my local dealer to do the recall for me (they declined me at the beginning because of my lift kit). I paid about $400 shipped. I am willing to sell it for $280 plus shipping. It is about 35lb...
  4. Florida Billet silver hardtop and freedom panels

    Bump for you, for sure I will grab it if you are in CA
  5. California Jeep JLU third row seat $500

    Yes, I still have it. I see you are located in Modesto, I am in Daly City Bay Area. Not too far away ;)
  6. FlashCal won’t allow me Return to Stock?

    never hear back from superchips. At the end, i managed return to stock by manually select every single options I have been modified, and then hit the “return to stock” option the last.
  7. FlashCal won’t allow me Return to Stock?

    I will have an appointment for gear box bulletin next week. Pretty sure dealer will do a flash. I was going to unmarried my flashcal and return to stock today, but the return to stock fail.....I tried many times even let the car sleep and try again, but still no success. I already emailed...
  8. Anyone installed Synergy sector brace with the new Steel box?

    I email synergy, they said it will work without issue. I didn’t ask about the bolts
  9. Anyone installed Synergy sector brace with the new Steel box?

    Did you just reuse the bolts from synergy ? Also do you feel huge improvement for the steering ? I hate my steering has quite a lot dead zone..
  10. Anyone installed Synergy sector brace with the new Steel box?

    I am going to upgrade to the new steel box. I am currently have the Synergy sector brace. Just wondering should keep it or not? Would like to hear someone install the brace with the new steel box. Thanks 🙏🏻
  11. 2021 Steel Steering Gear Upgrade

    I have lots of suspensions upgrades on the Jeep, I was adding more and more upgrades in order to correct the steering issue. I tried two dealerships, but no luck....I guess I can just install it by myself and have dealer codes it.
  12. 2021 Steel Steering Gear Upgrade

    Hi Benny, I just ordered the steering box and all the bolts from your website before I read this. It seems I can order from your website without any problems. Are the steering box back in stock yet? I pm you my order number. Thx for helping
  13. California DV8 JL tail light guards

    sorry, sold a while ago. They are for halogen light
  14. Virginia SOLD -ClearLidz Top $850 Richmond

    Please pm me the price for shipped to 94014. Thx
  15. California Quadratec 2 Bike Folding Bike Rack for 2" Receiver Hitch $100

    The rack is in like new condition since I only use twice. Firm on price $100 and local pick up only in Bay Area San Francisco. Thx
  16. California Sold: Mopar Led headlights, $370 shipped

    I purchased this used. One of the mounting tab on the passenger side headlight was broken off. I used moldable Polly plastic to remake the missing mounting tab. I had the headlights installed for a year and half. The Tab is holding well and the headlights never gave me any problem. I had taken 3...