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  1. SOLD: Mopar Wheel Locks

    I have a set also...I need to post them up...
  2. Anyone own the Lange Hoist a Top for JL Wrangler?

    Is the window supposed to be open or closed when you use it? I'm so worried about breaking that back window...
  3. So happy to be here! Introducing Safari Sun Shade

    What are the current lead times? Ordered last week and haven't heard a thing yet...
  4. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    I didn't trust those straps and how they appear to squeeze the top together. Didn't look like a safe design to me.
  5. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    Here is my Lange hoist for reference
  6. (Sold)DFW JL 4-Door premium soft top 1800(New)

    Most of the parts? Lol
  7. Anyone use Hoist-a-Cart with JL?

    My plan is to build a car to sit the top on, with storage in th middle for doors. Lower the top down and move the cart off to the side. I don't want it dangling there
  8. Adding remote start

    I simply didn't want another fob
  9. Husband & Wife JL Build(s)

  10. Bronze Wheels on JL?

    Bronze looks legit on white. Very cool
  11. Squeal when starting JL?! **UPDATE NEW PROBLEM**

    Oh man I'm waiting on that ESS fix
  12. Anyone use Hoist-a-Cart with JL?

    I have the Lange power hoist. I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the cradle. The OD and ID are too far off and allow the pieces to sag. It's pretty flimsy. But it's installed and it lifts. No matter what I tied, it tilts slightly. But not badly enough that it causes problems. But...
  13. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    Has there been a sound clip yet?
  14. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    My tires were like 46 when I got mine. Lowering them and adding the stabilizer helped dramatically. And as far as install, it's literally two bolts, unbolt and replace. Couldn't be any easier.
  15. Does recirculate actually work? JLUR

    I agree the recirculate kinda sucks, but if you don't want the outside coming in, why in the world did you buy a jeep?!?
  16. Android auto issues

    Hmm. Ok I'll look it up. Phone is definitely not in power saving mode.
  17. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I got the RC one, it cost $55 and installed in 5 min in my driveway.
  18. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    I did, that's why I got the steering stabilizer. Lowered psi down and now it rides much better
  19. Android auto issues

    When I use Android auto, and play pandora, it pauses between songs every 3-4 songs. Anyone else having this issue? It's annoying as hell