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  1. The sound of a Kinetic Rope failure. Damage and cost..... Plus photos of the wheeling and camping.

    so glad nobody was hurt. it freaks me out every time I see Matt using steel shackles on kinetic ropes and was super happy when he finally went (predominantly) soft shackle. 7/8" is pretty tempting and likely good enough, but I think 1 1/4" is a better choice imo for 6k# mud stuck jeeps
  2. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    every day... ...but my commute is 5 miles
  3. 5680 lbs without cargo/passengers...

    i can help that terrible feeling...
  4. I don't have a Rubicon... I have a sport unlimited.

    in game purchases. hit the Assist button up top and tell the lady you would like to upgrade
  5. Amazon Prime Day 2021

    Noco chargers are 48% off
  6. Dual Battery from Genesis, any issues?

    FYI, the Noco's are 48% off right now as a Prime Day deal
  7. Dual Battery from Genesis, any issues?

    Good thread. Confused about the 12.7 cutoff thing. When I get in the Jeep in the morning, my cranking battery is always at 12.4. Is my isolator failing? When not started, I don't think I've ever seen either battery over 12.7. I have an Engel 45 that I leave running all the time and my...
  8. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Good summary there. For me, I liked that the Innovative mount basically has the compressor sitting right in front of the A/C vent. Plus I have a goose-gear platform behind it, so no issue with passengers kicking it
  9. Do you rotate your spare into the mix when rotating tires?

    20% more life and not stuck with a single tire when you decide to switch brands and/or sizes....what's not to like?
  10. Wires through passenger drain plug

    bare wires. uggggg. get some tesa's on them either way
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    On-board air. 4 Tire thingy from InnovativeAT + the under passenger seat mount Then did a 4 awg Anderson connection under the hood ...and ran it back to the rear passenger side ...for a 1000W inverter . . . . . . . . . I can make coffee 😐
  12. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Just finished up my install. I went under the passenger seat with the Innovative mount. It is nothing you have not seen before in this thread. but... The payoff was my wife responded with a firm... "it's not that bad". (Loose translation: "this is great, i love it...make any future mods...
  13. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Hit up Gold Lake area this past weekend. Quick ride up to Upper Sardine Then up to Gold Lake Trail Nobody was at Little Gold Lake, but we didn't want to camp there So we continued past Gold Lake in hopes of getting to Snake or Little Deer lakes but eventually got stuck /...
  14. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    still social distancing. going to suck when everyone starts coming back to work filling up the lots
  15. SPOD Bantam Install Review

    I would pull that firewall plug back out and enlarge the hole the entire diameter available. Maybe even cut a slit in it as well to make getting future wires it in even easier. Plug it with your preferred temporary putty/tape/whatever. That firewall plug is super easy to deal with today...
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Finally installed the G Screen for my Genesis DB. Wanted it above just left of the Airbag light thing, as their video shows, but the cable was just a little too short. I would have had to pull it tight across the engine bay or go through and up the passenger side to get it up there, but opted...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It's just copper, bend it up and then turn the terminal a little. I had the same thing