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  1. Way to Engage Lockers in 4 Hi

    For me it's not about high speed, but I guess in sand and mud it's about wheel speed. Since our diffs are just open diffs when not locked the BLD system uses the brakes to keep both wheels spinning at the same speed. If you do beaches a lot or any kind of soft sand you can wear out the rear...
  2. 2.0L Flash Tune With Superchips Flashpaq Tuning For Jeep Wrangler JL

    I upgraded to a TrailDash3 and love it. Same tune. I've been happily running the performance tune for almost a year with no issues.
  3. Way to Engage Lockers in 4 Hi

    For those that don't have the "off road +" button, like my '20.... TrailDash3 from Superchips allows me to lock/unlock lockers and disconnect/reconnect the sway bar in 4Hi and even 2WD. I especially like being able to lock the rear diff in sand the BLD doesn't have to use up the brakes.
  4. Dealer not interested in fixing Jeep, nor is case management----options?

    Did you ever check the control arms and bolts?
  5. Dealer not interested in fixing Jeep, nor is case management----options?

    I would try that same thing with the stock wheels. Are your new wheels hub centric? at :54 in the video I see the driveshaft shift with the noise, but it looks like the diff jumped too. That's why I'd look at the wheels. There was a sudden unload of force (looks like the nose of the diff...
  6. Which fill plug on Dana 44 advanctec covers

    Bottom one. That top plug is above the centerline of the axle tube. Way too much oil. Seals may leak with that much oil.
  7. Phone Holder Alternatives?

    Not sure if you need to see your screen or not. I went with this one Jeep JL/JT Phone Holster ( Sits out of the way. Looks great. I do forget my phone in the Jeep from time to time, but I would with an in view phone clip too. Still not used to having to put my phone...
  8. Update on oil leak secondary to backordered oil filter adapter 68566093aa

    How the air got in there I don't know. If they had to remove any hoses and/or drain the coolant to get to the housing and replace it then when they filled it an air bubble could have been introduced. How hot did it get? What temps did you see?
  9. Nexen Roadian MTX

    @rlaracue So, how do you like those tires? How do they perform on and off road? How noisy are they on the highway?
  10. Update on oil leak secondary to backordered oil filter adapter 68566093aa

    The computer won't let it overheat, it would go into limp mode and shut down first. IF they really were driving it and it got hot they would have known and there would have been a code. An air pocket will do exactly what you said happened. Get rid of the air pocket and it's good as new. No...
  11. If you had issues with the Bubbling Paint...let's get together

    While I will agree that bubbling paint is ugly, unacceptable and should be fixed... Is there a corrosion issue? The doors are aluminum and the hinges aren't steel either. The only body parts on my jeep that are steel are the rear corners. Not trying to start a war, just honestly asking the...
  12. Is there a way to reduce turbo lag on the 2.0T?

    I have a SuperChips TrailDash3 and it has a tune for the trans. I will say this though. I never had any problems with the factory tuning of the 8sp in my 2.0. I thought it was brilliant. The TD3 tune just makes it drive even better. Maybe swing by your dealer and see if there is an updated...
  13. Is eTorque to 4xe conversion possible?

    Do what you want for what ever reasons you want. It's going to be your vehicle. So I totally agree with you getting whatever vehicle and whatever features makes you happy. It still cracks me up to hear people, not just you, talk about the complexity of eTorque. What's so complex? A...
  14. Is eTorque to 4xe conversion possible?

    @Headbarcode I'm not sure about the 1500 rpm thing. Isn't the stall speed of the converter higher than 1500? That would mean it would stop helping before the converter hits. I'm not saying you're wrong, I just don't understand and that part doesn't make sense to me so I'm wondering. If it...
  15. First Extreme Recon Edition Package Jeep JL Rubicon I’ve seen! - Added suspension + more pics

    Gearing absolutely matters because they effect the load calculations the pcm is making. Gearing is a torque multiplier and has a net effect on load. Diff gearing has a load effect in every transmission gear and an effect on desired/commanded torque from the controllers. Speed has nothing to do...
  16. First Extreme Recon Edition Package Jeep JL Rubicon I’ve seen! - Added suspension + more pics

    Being the bricks that jeeps are at 80-85mph my stock suspension and tired JLUR is probably at around 2 or 3 pounds of boost to maintain speed (from memory on a recent trip). And making constant boost is not an issue for turbos they've been doing it for years. Look at diesel motors, those...
  17. How many miles did you go until cracked windshield

    Just over 6000 miles. On my way home from a weekend get away with my wife. I guess a rock kicked up on I-4 in Central Florida. Or maybe a big bug, we have those and the JL windshield is pretty fragile 😝
  18. Mopar Rock Rails

  19. Off-Road Plus & Locking rear Axle in 4 High?

    I think it will only work in 4HI not 4Auto. I'm not 100% though. I wouldn't use it on-road in heavy rain type situations anyway. When the axle is locked you're MORE likely to lose traction while in a turn. When the axle is locked and the vehicle is going through a turn the outside wheel...