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  1. Best plan for 35" tires with minimal loss of daily driver usability?

    Did you have any issues with 8th gear? Did you need to regear your sport? Debating 33s bc minimalistic but love 35s look. Dont plan on kuch off reading more so wanting a slight clearance increase. Daily driver vehicle.
  2. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    What size tire and rim combo are you running?
  3. Gas mileage with 35’s

    What's ur mpg at w that upgrade? Debating 33s bc of it.
  4. Mods and mileage

    I have a 2020 JLU sport S with stock 31s. Going back and forth with 33s vs 35s and a 2 or 2.5 lift. Dont want to lose quality. I probably get 23 mpg now.
  5. Mods and mileage

    I've been trying to read through forums and can't find a straightforward answer. Just looking at what I should expect in loss of mileage if I add 35s to my jeep. A range is fine, doesnt have to be exact. I eventually want to have a 2 in lift. Nothing crazy just a small upgrade without having...
  6. Jeep Wave Program

    I'm fairly new to jeep family. I added a maintenance package when I purchased my jeep to cover oil changes and tire rotations. Afterwards, I learned about Jeep Wave Program. My question is, do you guys continually pay for the program yearly or after your first 2 years let it go? Is paying for...
  7. Lift kit brands

    I'm a new jeep owner. I have a 2020 JLU Sport S. Not ready to put a lift on just yet, but research is always good right. I know this may be preference, but looking for a list of strong lift kit brands and if there are ones to avoid. In future, looking to put on a 2" or 2.5" lift. I do not plan...
  8. DIY Hardtop and Door Holders

    Slot you mean instead of the 6" sections do 8"?
  9. DIY Hardtop and Door Holders

    How did the 6.5" work out for you? Do you think you need them wider still?
  10. DIY Hardtop and Door Holders

    This is the 6" sections? Would you recommend this size for the doors or do you think it needs to be wider?