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  1. Another Jeep Wrangler crash test.

    I just hope all this news about safety ratings doesn’t make FCA radically change the Jeep Wrangler (removing the ability to take doors off, roof, lower windshield). You know how it is nowadays with ‘safety first’ ‘play it safe’ nonsense.
  2. No hinge bolts on your doors?! You crazy?

    I carry my backpack and other bags in the backseat and the doors help to keep them from falling out. Also having a door there allows you to rest your arm on something.
  3. Another Jeep Wrangler crash test.
  4. No hinge bolts on your doors?! You crazy?

    No hinge bolts with eag doors. They don’t rattle with them off.
  5. EAG Tubular Doors - great pricing

    Have used them for a while now. Aside from occasionally adjusting the latches so they don’t rattle they are great for the price. Coming with mirrors are a huge bonus.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    DISCLAIMER: not for off-road use lol
  7. Interior handlebar makes for perfect iPad mount.

    I was bored during lunch and discovered a free 10 second solution to mount an iPad. Using iPad Pro 3rd gen with Apple keyboard. DISCLAIMER: not for off-road use :CWL:
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Found out that the handlebar makes for a nice iPad mount. Using iPad Pro 13” with Apple Keyboard.
  9. In praise of the Stock JL

    Aside from lights and tube doors #StockLife
  10. Anybody Find a Hard Top Hoist for the JL Yet?
  11. Rubicon vs Moab

    I don't think so. People know that a rubicon is the off road king and well worth it. That has never been in dispute. I personally went to buy a rubicon but when I went to the dealer they had the MOAB parked right next to one and I made the decision to get the MOAB since this is my daily driver...
  12. Rubicon vs Moab

    I don't know if 'delusional' is the right word but I think most people buy the MOAB because it already comes with upgraded parts that you don't have to mod out later. It's a good starting point.
  13. Rubicon vs Moab

    I doubt someone would get a MOAB and swap out the parts that make them different from a Sahara (rubi hood, steel bumper, rock rails, MT Tires, Rubicon shocks and springs, etc...) Thats why they bought a MOAB in the first place.
  14. CarPlay not working

    This should be a sticky thread. How many issues would be solved with what you just mentioned... Thanks again.
  15. CarPlay not working

    Pulled out fuse 11 (usb ports and radio) and pushed in all the loose fuses. Amazing how many came loose from the factory. CarPlay has been solid since! Also using an iPhone OEM lightning cable. I need a longer cable to reach my mount so i ordered a longer MFI certified lighting cable to see if...
  16. CarPlay not working

    Will try tonight. Thanks.
  17. CarPlay not working

    This morning turned on the Jeep after being off for 13 hours. The first thing i tried was plug in the iPhone to see if CarPlay would come up. It did for 1 minute then disconnected and will not reconnect. @JeepCares Using iPhone 10s max on iOS 12.2 2018 Jeep MOAB