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  1. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Message sent and vin added thank you
  2. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    I’m at the dealer now also with paint bubble issue and service manager asked me to email this info on the recommended fix . Anyway to get bulletin emailed to me and I can forward to dealer?
  3. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Had this issue happen first time on my 2018 JL . It was fine going to shop where I had alarm sensitivity adjusted in garage it is 25 degrees here in NY today. When I left radio was cutting in and out. Stopped at deli had to bribe wife with breakfast for going with me to adjust alarm. Got back in...
  4. Another Dealership 6 quart “Free” Oil Change.

    I brought mine to the same dealer here in NY that I used on my previous Jeeps. I had the first free oil change done and also had stabilizer recall done as well as replacing lower front passenger seat. I told them of issue of adding 6 qts of oil. Even with free oil change from Jeep cares I had to...
  5. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Yes it was back up and running this morning. Thank you
  6. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Thank you for the detailed info I’m going out to check it shortly. I left Jeep home and was gone all day after I had this issue.
  7. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Just happened to me today and tried a few times to start ignition after parking for a few hours and still no reverse camera.
  8. Post your JEEPs in the NYC area (locations for pictures)

    Nice pictures and some great backgrounds.. I’ve been parked in driveway in Maspeth Queens
  9. Getting factory interior wires with dealer-installed AUX kit: possible?

    I’ve been seeing the kit go for average $275 thru Mopar on Amazon. Seen a few videos on iTunes to install and I believe the interior wires are in the kit also. You will need the dealer to program the set up so it will work and all functions
  10. I thought it was fixed! Now On Video

    My previous JKU had about 700 miles on it when all lights on dash lite up..I drove it to safety off highway before it stalled after a few miles down the road. I restarted it and all the lights were out and I drove it back home. It happed again a few weeks later and went thru forums and read...
  11. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Thank you....It took about a week to prep and paint and it was a favor so only cost me $1000 .. that’s for all 5 wheels and detail on center caps.