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  1. Installed Power Door Locks to my JL Sport

    you can you just have to tweak the wiring harness that plugs into the stock door lock mechanism which is described... i'll reqoute that post
  2. RK X Factor 2.5 kit now won't go into 4Low

    I had multiple times prior... and never had an issue
  3. RK X Factor 2.5 kit now won't go into 4Low

    since my lift was installed I've noticed I can't shift into 4Lo - I can get to neutral and 4Hi but can't seem to pull all the way down to 4 Low.. I feel like Im going to break the shifter knob... anyone have experience with this?
  4. Florida ISO - Quick Kap

    Looking for Quick Kap JEEP letter coverings
  5. Installed Power Door Locks to my JL Sport

    I haven’t been able to figure it out man.
  6. Rock Krawler X-Factor 2.5 Installed on a 2020 JLU Sport

    A little before and after. Very happy with the kit, the front passenger bump stop still needs to be tightened lol and the sway bar disconnect brackets took "convincing" to get on, thankfully I have an angle grinder that helped that... all in all a tough 2 days of installing, and used 2 floor...
  7. rock krawler X-Factor kit - front bump stop install

    any tips on how to tighten this sucker????? I can't get a wrench in high enough to hold down the nut
  8. Florida ISO fox 2.0 front shocks - 2020 2.0

    I was able to get the shocks! closing this
  9. Florida Sold: ISO fox 2.0 front shocks - 2020 2.0

    Looking for front fox 2.0 shocks would be willing to buy all 4 if you can’t part Need shipped this week
  10. Florida SOLD - Orlando - For Sale: 2018 JLU Premium Soft Top - $1000

    750 cash and I’ll pick up in Lakeland
  11. SOLD: 7” Uconnect radio w/ bezel

    where are you in SFL? what coast? may be willing to pick up
  12. Left turn signal and running lights out

    Installed oracle LEDs in the Sahara fenders and my right side works fine but left side doesn’t work at all. Even putting back in stock bulbs does nothing. Leading me to believe I blew a fuse. I can’t find what fuse though. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Procomp Vertigo Series 40 - 17x9 with 315x70x17s love all the sting grays!
  14. Installed Power Door Locks to my JL Sport

    I’m not finding the blue n white wire to tap into
  15. Best city in FL to retire in and why?

    florida is currently full and no longer taking new applicants.. our apologies..... lol come visit and see what you like the most! Im in Sarasota and a lot of northerners love this area
  16. Which wheel and Show off yours

    pro comp 40 series vertigo 17x9