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  1. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    BRAKE!!!!! IT'S A BRAKE LIGHT!!!!! :CWL::LOL: Sorry, carry on. Pet peeve.
  2. Tekton

    So I’m no expert, but I like to tinker. I just have a small tool cart with basic tools, nothing fancy, but most are Tekton.
  3. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    The front pads for the TLP is on a rib, the back are in kind of a recess.
  4. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    I just got the second one today. Surprised my wife at work with it. She was jealous of mine.
  5. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    FYI, guys, if you bought the TLP by itself, you can contact them and they will sell the other pieces to you at a discount equal to the big package available on their site. It is the door cart, door hook, and both covers, for less than what the cart and hook costs.
  6. Second battery

    Does every JL have the second, smaller battery? Is it specifically for the stop-start feature, or does it have other uses?
  7. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Ordered May 30th, received 6/6. Ordered a second one 6/15, still in route.
  8. Routing wires for bumper lights

    That's what I figured. Thanks for the confirmation. Took about 30 minutes this morning to remove the box, run the wires, reinstall the box, hook up the wires, and reinstall the front end.
  9. Routing wires for bumper lights

    I’m installing a KC 10” Flex light bar and KC 6” Gravity Pro lights on the front bumper. What is is the preferred route for the wires from the lights to the auxiliary wiring near the battery? Is everyone just removing the air box and routing it under per Mopar?
  10. Yaesu FTM-400DR Install, or... Murphy strikes again...

    This project got slowed down, as I still need to run the antenna cable. I'm going to mount it in the glove box, using low profile L-brackets instead of the factory bracket.
  11. AUX Switches and LED Lights

    Everything I can see tells me that there are 15A and 40A relays or fuses in the AUX switch circuits. I am wanting to tie a pair of KC Gravity Pro 6 lights (1.63A each, 3.26A total) and a KC Flex 10" lightbar (5.0A Total) both to one of the 15A AUX switches, and I wanted to make sure I didn't...
  12. Reverse tap

    Where is everyone tying into the reverse light circuit?
  13. Moving Jeep While Door is Ajar - Trans Goes to Park???

    Tazer also fixes this if you happen to have one already.
  14. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Yeah, nothing wrong with your way. I was just wishing for something a little less time consuming.
  15. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Also, I just thought to look, size B is the common RAM mount, at 1", but they have a size A which is 9/16", which translates to a nominal 14.25mm. I'm betting that 15mm on the Scosche would fit like a champ. I made the mistake of ordering the RAM rail instead of the 67D rail, so I'm stuck...
  16. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    This is great! Good job. From what I can tell, and I may be wrong, there are basically 2 standard ball sizes, PLUS the RAM MOUNT sizes. 15mm is the standard ball size seen on most consumer mobile device mounts. You'll see this in Scosche, Anker, and others. 20mm is the standard ball size used...
  17. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    I'd certainly enjoy seeing that writeup.
  18. Yaesu FTM-400DR Install, or... Murphy strikes again...

    Got exactly this far on my radio install before I realized I had run out of heat shrink tubing. Off to the store I go. Wondering how many trips this project will take.