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  1. dealer already claiming that it may not be covered under warranty

    You are so lucky, there are not many dealers like yours
  2. UConnect Updates

    I think this is better than waiting for Uconnect update.
  3. UConnect Updates

    Lucky you if you reach succeeded with a TSB at dealer. They never used when the customer refers to it. I think they think it is kind of "I know my job and you can not come to say how I do it"
  4. UConnect Updates

    As I said before, I do not know who is more lost Uconnect or JeepCares.
  5. UConnect Updates

  6. UConnect Updates

    I've never seen such bad service and a more lost group of people than Uconnect
  7. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    I do not want to be un-respectful, but this is another disinformation just to justify the Uconnect disaster. If the concern is not to overpowering the cell towers you can provide the update via The good listener few words…
  8. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    You guys write a good looking message but when the time comes you do nothing. Just see the in your files the case number 79666969 and you will see. I just asked to apply TSB 08-003-21 to my JLU and you did not help at all.
  9. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    Take a look here:
  10. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    The same feeling here. 😢 It's supposed to be our help, but nothing further than that
  11. UConnect Updates

    Been there done that. As I said before, the dealership knows only one statement: "Everything is fine, your JLU does not need any updates." Why do they do that? I don't know, probably because they can't charge for the service or just more simply, they don't know how to do it. Basically this is...
  12. UConnect Updates

    My screen flickers and the NHTSA website says that it is resolved with an update of the Uconnect that would come out in the first quarter of 2021.
  13. UConnect Updates

    Thanks for your prompt response. Any idea where to get the 7" version?
  14. UConnect Updates

    Someone know if I can use UCONNECT_8.4_UAQ_QR39.5_MY18 for the 7" screen headunit version?
  15. UConnect Updates

    Good luck with the Dealer update, they know nothing about it. The only response they know very well is ...there is no problem with your radio, so your do not need this...
  16. Uconnect CarPlay wrong location

    The problem will appear in the new Radio too, if the software is the same version that the one you have already installed. If you seek few pages back you will find exact the same approach that you describe here.
  17. Uconnect CarPlay wrong location

    Welcome to the club. This is a twilight zone, if you communicate with Uconnect customer support they say there is no new version of the software but if you read the Service Bulletin 08-003-19 of the FCA US (attached) it says that there is an update for radio software (ver. 1828.08). By the...
  18. Uconnect CarPlay wrong location

    I think there is something in combination with Uconnect and Google Map, because I start some direction in my Pixel 2 XL with Google Map, everything seems perfect, them connect to Uconnect in my WJLU 2018 and instantly the image shows me what I have seen previously on the screen of my cellphone...