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  1. 2 Door information? Possible delay?

    Same here and the choice is not only between how many doors/seats you want. The 4 door's longer wheelbase also makes for a better on road ride (even some off road conditions). Resale is also slightly better on the JKU versus the JK As far as whether they will make them more different, it also...
  2. Future JL owners - what mods / modifications do you foresee/planning (so far)?

    If anything Jeeps have remained more bare bones and easier to work on relative to all others by a far greater amount. It seems to me that Jeep has decided to just give people more of the comfort features at the top end. It will make it harder to work on, but if you're someone that likes to do so...
  3. 2018 Wish List

    Better hood latches are related to the better build quality you mentioned isn't it? It's cheap and aftermarket solutions prove so. Even if the hood doesn't actually come flying off, the hood flutter at even moderate speeds is annoying and should not happen on a $30K-40K+ vehicle. It's a $50-100...
  4. Jeep chief Manley talks hybrid Wrangler and JT pickup

    Yep it looks like the big sites are still catching up on the news. Definitely can see at least the mild hybrid timing moved up.
  5. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Aluminum Parts Confirmed by Alcoa

    I don't like repeating CAFE complaints that I see online so often, but this could be a case where CAFE regulations costs the Wrangler buyer upfront (higher msrp?) and in repairs than the savings from efficiency gains.
  6. More confirmation 2018 Jeep Wrangler production starts Nov., pre-production much earlier

    I'm sure the 2018 JK will come with a few extras, maybe even be a special edition run only (total speculation). Otherwise they could have a lot of unsold JKs with brand new JLs on the lots. No doubt they'll use the JL to upsell buyers and it'll work if they've learned anything from all the...
  7. 2018 Wish List

    I'm not looking for much just want them to fix all the nagging probs many of us have on the JK (leaky tops, fuel overflow, steering knock, hood flutter, etc) before we get into NEW features. Also I'd like to save money on basic things that should have come standard on the JK.. grab handles and...