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  1. What is this part for?

    It snaps into place but take the doors off while you have it off 🤪
  2. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    Fantastic, Since you still want to use all of the battery this would be ideal for >80 miles or if less just switch to electric mode as you finish your trip to get use of the full charge. Can’t wait to try this.
  3. Charging the 4xe in the rain?

    Similar question… what about random 110 outlets that may or may not be grounded. Any experience or information? I have an opportunity to charge at a parking lot with 110 but not sure of latest 🧐
  4. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    hydro JKU next to Hydro JLU
  5. Actual highway MPG range for 4xe?

    I have 921 miles and have had 400 and 300 mile road trips. Rubicon... Can't get the combined to show much higher because I wouldnt need gas if I had battery and give versa. I don't forever filling my take while fully charged
  6. Actual highway MPG range for 4xe?

    Full tank showed 315 miles today. My battery was at <1%. Have been doing some longer gas trips and it continues to increase as your average gas mpg settles out.
  7. 2021 JLU Rubicon w/ major Uconnect issue

    Check fuses. Had something similar and pulled then reset same fuse and voila!
  8. Trade in at dealership or sell to Vroom or Carvana

    Sold to vroom 41,870 on 2018 JLU, super easy. If you have a loan it's a bit more complex, but they pay off loan and mail you the difference. They have it listed for $46k. I have also sold a less expensive car to carvana and even easier as they provided check when they picked up car. Give the...
  9. 4xE Order Status??

    Sorry to everyone that ordered before many of us and still haven't received. Mine was a pretty simple Rubicon order with cold wthr and proximity. Also in NC so closer than west coast. Ordered 3/24 Delivered dealer 4/26 Thanks Travis @ Tri-city for excellent experience Jeep #7
  10. JL resale values are insane!

    I sold 2018 Sahara JLU for $1k more than paid 2.5yrs ago and ordered Rubi times appear to be increasing again. New warranty clock was a consideration... But we also wanted Soft-top and Hydro Blue so if you want different options or could be something to consider...
  11. North Carolina Top Lift Pro - $700 - Cary, NC

    sorry - not going south for awhile... I can make virginia work but that doesn't help you!
  12. North Carolina Top Lift Pro - $700 - Cary, NC

    Bump for more pics!
  13. Wrangler 4XE Drive Modes Analysis

    on a 17-gallon tank with 40% remaining you have used ~10 gallons. so you are averaging 75mpg "e"... sounds good to me!
  14. Soft top hard top conundrum

    Depends on storage for hardtop an use plan. Daily driver agree with hdtp. 2nd/3rd car go and plans for topless, consider soft top.
  15. Wrangler 4XE Drive Modes Analysis

    I will go 20+ miles electric and ~2.5hrs regen and then 20+ electric up some mtn roads next Wknd. 180 miles total. It will be a good test.
  16. North Carolina Top Lift Pro - $700 - Cary, NC

    Bump for nice weather!
  17. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Did you remove? That was quick. Where did u get surf blue paint?
  18. How much below MSRP for 4xe?

    Check vroom/carvana and consider price received VS tax savings. Our tax is only 3% so it doesn’t take much to just sell outright. “give me the vin” also said they can get you tax savings but seemed a bit of a process and dealer would need to be willing. In the end vroom paid top dollar and...
  19. Virginia WTB: 2021 BLUE 4xe Tow Hooks

    Would swap if u ship yours first, as I would like to take off and replace same time. Will send mine fedex. Pm if interested.