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  1. Delays in production- wranglers

    You’re not Canadian…. You’ll be fine.
  2. Why can't Jeep US get their s**t together?

    Hope you get your Jeep soon @Wonder... But, those bumpers... 🤢
  3. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Knowledge is power...
  4. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    The value of used cars has skyrocketed in that time as well. Go here and get an instant offer on your trade. You might find it's worth thousands more than you were offered by a dealership 7 months ago. My dealership offered me $10,500 on a 2018 Mazda 3 (lease...
  5. Average Delivery time in Canada

    Patience grasshopper... that just means Cassens has it, or has it assigned to a bill of lading and is picking it up shortly. It could be at the plant or at one of Cassen's yards. Keep checking a couple times a day, you should see it land at your dealer within a few days at this point.
  6. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    I picked up yesterday and it’s amazing. Don’t give up!
  7. Average Delivery time in Canada

    Yup. At this point I probably won’t put the soft top on till the spring. Might just throw the hard top on the lawn a couple nice days!
  8. Average Delivery time in Canada

    Order went in April 1.
  9. Average Delivery time in Canada

    Not sure which of the many threads to post this on, but finally picked up today!!
  10. What does a typical Wrangler "refresh" consist of?

    Buttons are good. Bigger screen cool, but let me change the volume and the temp with dials and buttons.
  11. '18 JL 2-Door Stretch Project

    Sweet mother of…. You’re doing what? And I get in s*** if I use my wife’s shower towel!
  12. Delays in production/delivery to Ontario, Canada

    Ours could basically be twins except I got the standard rock rails and I didn't get the headliner! Still haven't picked it up though.... maybe tonight???
  13. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Incorrect as far as I understand. They get trucked from Toledo, either to Cassen's yard in Detroit, Windsor, or London ON - and then batched to dealers. Mine (currently at the dealer to pick up tomorrow) was shipped to Windsor by truck, then from Windsor to my dealer in Guelph. Also on the...
  14. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Lol. Fair point, but they're a lot more than a couple hours from Toledo, which is all I am!
  15. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    By and large you're right... except American's have "generally" gotten their vehicles in 4-6 weeks, while Canadians have waited up to 8-10 months. Exceptions both way of course, but I think the quickest I've seen a Canadian Jeep come is 3-4 months, which is the absolute longest it's taken a US...
  16. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    That's a crap shoot from my understanding. From what I recall that took a couple months for me but others took much longer.
  17. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    My estimated ship date (once I finally got one) was August 9, which I think was pretty much spot on.
  18. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    Hoping to pickup today! Mine arrived end of last week while I was away, just waiting to hear on my appointment time!
  19. Average Delivery time in Canada

    Amazing! Mine is KZS but I don’t see it on cassens yet.
  20. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Getting updates from the dealer - mine was in Trim yesterday, still nothing on Cryptostickers, but I've had the Canadian window sticker since D status, ages ago. Estimated ship date is Monday... let's hope! (ordered April 1)