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  1. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    We found a 2018 2 dr Rubicon Recon fully loaded with leather and all and only 3,886 miles on it with manual trans. An older couple in their late 50’s traded it in on a Gladiator rubicon.
  2. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    With the steering wander and water in floor boards and the gear noise we gave up. FCA bought it back. That was a process from hell in itself.
  3. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    I gave up on my 2018 2dr sport s with the d44 last night. Jeep is now gone, Sold it back to the dealership. Not sure what we’re going to buy now but it sure as hell won’t be any of these FIAT Jeeps.
  4. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    I’ll get door info and photos of plugs in and out sometime this morning.
  5. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    Once again, the factory floor plugs just lay in the opening, there is no lip or other edge on them to create a water tight seal. ALL of the floor plugs are that way. Once again, how hard is it to make a plug that actually seals???
  6. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    It was supposed to show 3.5 feet not 3-5 lol
  7. Do 2017 Wranglers have steering problems?
  8. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    In my 2016 Rubicon hard rock I drove through flood waters of Harvey for hours and hours at depths of 3.5 feet+ in some areas. Now it was on a 3 inch lift with 35s but not one time during all those hours of daily floods did I get a drop of water inside other than rain when I opens doors to exit...
  9. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    I’m a first responder that lives in a coastal community. Jeep doesn’t need to be advertising being able to safely take on 30 inches of water if the damn vehicle is just going to leak.
  10. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    No I’m not using the mopar all weather mats. I’m specifically referring to the factory drain plugs not sealing. I’m sitting here looking at them under the vehicle as we speak. They do not seal!!
  11. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    How many here have wet floorboards? Did you know the floor plugs actually don’t seal properly? Does anyone know if the JK plugs will work instead? I’m tired of crap going wrong on this vehicle.
  12. 2019 Rubicon Rock Rails

    Are these still available?
  13. 2018 JL Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition??

    The JK Rubicon Recon edition will eat the lunch of any 2019-2020 JL Rubicon. Period end of story. That was the strongest most capable vehicle ever produced by the Chrysler “Wrangler” dept.
  14. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    If it was full screen how would you get to radio settings or back to normal radio functions. The way it’s laid out is perfect currently with iOS 13.1
  15. FCA Quality Control

    Take it back to the dealer!!!
  16. FCA Quality Control

    I can tell you 100% that this was not a factory build issue. There is no glue of that sort on the assembly line what so ever! Not doubting you, but that’s not an FCA problem.
  17. Dealer brag!!

    Be extremely cautious if your Jeep did make it to the Conroe rail yard but has not been updated as such, cause that rail yard was way under water.
  18. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    We’ve only found this happening on Dana 44’s. Inside the vehicle you would swear it’s from the rear axle cause you hear it coming from directly below the rear center floor sub on the 2 dr. But outside the vehicle, now being under a few different jeeps and taking my rear apart we only hear it...
  19. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    This is the exact noise we heard on multiple vehicles with the Dana 44 rears. It’s the sound of like a military helicopter off in the distance. It’s rotational, but only on passenger side rear. It’s very strange, and once again the vehicle is going exactly 3mph.
  20. Rear rotational knock from differential at low speeds.

    We can only get the noise to happen directly at 3mph while off the ground. It’s very weird. And now seems as if it’s only a rotating vibration noise that is only traversing up to the inside rear cabin area but yet outside the vehicle, it sounds as if it’s coming from inside the area behind the...